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  1. Thank You, just thought in was strange that one letter was sent to the Southampton mail centre and the other to Andover PO, didn't realise BX1 1LT was a forwarding address, thank you for your help
  2. Hi All, I sent two separate letters yesterday but both to the same address: Lloyds PPI Customer Services BX1 1LT. However 1 letter was signed for in Southampton and the other was signed for in Andover, can this happen? Many Thanks
  3. **Please accept my sincere apologies if I posting this message in the wrong forum (newbie)** Please can I have some help/recommendations on the following?: In FEB 1994 I took out a mortgage with Lloyd’s Bank (the underwriter was Blackhorse) and the term was for 12 years (FEB 2006). I moved in DEC 2000 and still kept my mortgage with Lloyds Bank but the underwriter was now Cheltenham & Glouster, in 2001 I paid off the mortgage following redundancy payment from my employer. I have found a PPI policy for the Blackhorse mortgage (I assume I paid PPI on this from FEB 1994-DEC 2000) but cannot find my Cheltenham and Glouster mortgage PPI policy. I do recall in 1994 that I was told I needed to take out the PPI policy in order for the mortgage to be accepted but I didn’t need the insurance as I worked for ‘Lloyds of London’ and would have been covered if I couldn’t work due to illness ect. My questions are: 1) Do I write to Lloyds Back directly as they provided the mortgage regarding the PPI or do I write to the underwriters Blackhorse and possibly Cheltenham and Glouster regarding the PPI? 2) As this is relatively old now am I still able to make a claim for misold PPI? Thank you for reading and thank you for any help you may be able to provide. Kindest Regards
  4. Thank you for your reply silverfox, I didn't realise that the original owner of the debt can still update the default to the CRA. Many thanks for letting me know.
  5. Good Afternoon All I had an EE (formally T-Mobile) contact that I ran in trouble with and got a default placed on my credit file. EE Limited then sold the debt to Lowell Portfolio, however even though EE had sold the account and were nothing to do with it anymore and Lowell Portfolio ‘legally’ owned the debt, EE Limited continued to update the default on my credit file for a further 5 consecutive months (I have proof of this from the CRA). I have been advised that what should have happened is that the default should have been taken over straight away by Lowell and it was Lowell responsibility to update it on my credit file, however EE continued to update it for 5 months, it then disappeared off my credit file and the CRA confirmed that EE had removed it and then 2 months later Lowell added there default. My question is, ‘Has DPA been breached, and is it worth making a complaint to the ICO?’ Many Thanks [/size][/size]
  6. Hi All, I regularly check my 'call credit' credit fie through Noodle and two defaults have disappeared (both 4+ years old but definitely under the 6 years) one default was for a loan that was being managed by a a DCA the other a small loan that was still with the same company.. .are these likely to re-appear in the future after being sold onto another company? I sent CCA requests special delivery to both in AUG/OCT 2010 (just after the defaults we're put on my file) and still have the proof but never received docs, infact never received anything again. ..not a chase letter. ..nothing.
  7. Hi All Sorry didn't know where to post this.... Does anybody know how much it costs to get a certificate of satisfaction from Northampton County Court for a CCJ that has been paid (passed the 30 days/2 years old) so I can send the certificate to Experian, Equifax and call credit so they can show on there system the CCJ is satisfied and no longer active?
  8. Thank you Dx100uk Should I sign the SAR? I just think if I don't sign it there going to sent the SAR request and the £10.00 cheque back to me anyway just like the CCA Request? Also do you know or does anyone have experience of what the FOS does when a company asks for a signature before releasing CCA/SAR documents? Would they ask the company to send the documents or do they ask the consumer to sign it? Do you think that MINT would remove the signature from my letter and put it on the documents I have requested? Kind Regards All.
  9. Good Afternoon All Just after a bit of advice, I sent MINT CREDIT CARD (underwritten by RBS) a CCA request as I wanted to see if I ever had PPI on the account (I understand now from reading other forums I should have sent an SAR). I received a letter from MINT explaining that due to the DPA they need my signature on the CCA request before they will release the requested information and they sent the £1.00 cheque back to me. I wrote back (all letters sent RD) and explained that there was no guidelines within the CCA, ICO or DPA that states that an individual needs to supply a signature to receive such information and the information I submitted is sufficient (I also explained that they have been sending me monthly statements so they must know who I am!) They wrote back again saying that there complaint department was looking into it and a week later I got a letter stating that I did need to supply a signature and that this was the companies final answer on the matter. I have made a complaint to the FOS and have received a letter stating that they will respond within the next 4 weeks, in the meantime MINT have used the £1.00 cheque to put towards the outstanding balance, even though I stated it shouldn’t lol! Does anybody know what the FOS will say about this? Are MINT right?
  10. I honest don't know, I'm not saying they dident, according to my credit files the default was was placed there in May 2011 so it's nearly 3 years old. I was thinking of sending them a SAR but I'm sure they'll produce a default notice regardless if it was sent originally or not. They have admitted that the account was bad up of occurred charges and no longer pursuing me for the debt, and now they have said they will mark the account as 'partially satisfied'.
  11. Hi dx100uk I am not 100% sure as I no longer have the statements but the occurred charges I believe are there unplanned overdraft fees. Not sure where to go from here if they were added in line with there terms and conditions.
  12. Natwest have written back. They have said that although the outstanding balance was made up of occurred charges, they were still in line with there terms and conditions. They have said that they will mark the default as 'partially satisfied' but will not remove the default from my credit file and have said that if I am unhappy with this I should contact the FOS. Help?!
  13. Following letter sent today recorded delivery: Mr XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 05th March2014 AccountNumber: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear NATWESTComplaints Department Withregards to the attached correspondent I received from your recovery managerdated 03/09/13 I’m pleased that NATWEST has admitted that the ‘Amount Due’ wasmade up of accured charged and as a result you would not be pursuing me for theoutstanding balance as the balance was made up of accured charges and was not aloan/credit card/store card or planned overdraft. Ihave reviewed the enclosed guidelines and as a result of the above and attachedletter I see no reason why the default you have placed on my credit file(s)should remain there. Itherefore kindly request that NATWEST removes the default from my creditfile(s) and mark the account as ‘Settled’ within the next 30 days. Ikindly request that you write back to me with your response at your earliestconvenience. Ifit is in your intention not to remove the default you have placed on my creditfile(s) and mark the account as ‘settled’, can you please write back statingyour reasoning’s behind this so I can escalate my complaint to the FSA. Ilook forward to your reply and appreciate your cooperation in this matter. KindRegards and Best Wishes XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  14. Thank you I'll send recorded delivery and keep u all updated
  15. Yes they have wrote Dear Mr XXXXX Re: Sort Code XXXX Account No. XXXXXXXX Amount Due £650.17 We write with reference to your recent correspondence regarding the above detailed account. We have investigated the charges applied to your account and can see that the above balance is made up of accrued charges. In the circumstances, we can confirm that we will no longer be pursuing you for this outstanding amount. We trust this clarifies the situation for you. Yours Sincerely XXXXXXXXX Recovery Manager
  16. Do you think I would get anywhere if I wrote there complaints department, attaching a copy of the letter they sent me and requesting the default be removed and the account marked as settled? Is there any legislation that would act in my favour?
  17. Do you think I would get anywhere if I wrote to their complaints department, attaching a copy of the letter they sent me and requesting the default be removed and the account marked as settled? Is there any legislation that would act in my favour?
  18. Hi guys I had a natwest basic bank account that defaulted in 2011 due to an unplanned overdraft. The balanced stands at £650 but is made up of occurred charges. I wrote to natwest to explain the £650 is made up of occurred charges due to a small amount owing on an unplanned overdraft. Natwest has wrote back to me and told me that they agree the £650 is made up of occurred charges and they won't be perusing me for the debt, BUT the default will remain on my credit file. And they won't change it to satisfied, is there anything I can do to try and get the default removed or at least marked as satisfied? Kind regards Michael
  19. Hello guys just looking for a bit of advice. I recently checked my Experian credit report I ordered a paper statutory report. All fine apart from an active account with a company called ''MEM Consumer finance''. According to the report it was a loan taken out in Nov 2010. The account hasn't ''Defaulted'' it just says ''Unknown Status''. I sent MEM Consumer finance a CCA request so I could look at the fixed sum loan agreement and the statement of account. They seem genuine. They have sent me a copy of the documents I requested but it doesn't show my signature or a ''electronic tick the box to sign for'' e.c.t. It also doesn't show the bank account details this loan was paid into or even the banks name. My questions are: Does the 'Fixed sum loan agreement' have to show a signature or an electronic tick box agreeing? Does the 'Fixed sum loan agreement' have to show bank account details or the banks name. Do they have to provide a full statement of account as I requested? It does show when the account was opened/when the amount was paid and when the repay date was along with what the charge would be. Its only for 90.00 so im gonna ring and pay it just so I can have that mark removed off my credit file but just interested to know if the documents they have sent me are ok and if they should have included the above information? Many Thanks for reading and will be interesting to see if someone can help me with the answers Michael
  20. Apologies CCJ was obtained in July 2012 but has recently been sold to AG. I did file a defence explaining that I 100% didn’t owe the debt and that I didn’t have a copy of the alleged CCA but the court wrote back and said the court wasn’t able to deal with the application because I haven’t provided sufficient enough evidence. So now the CCJ is registered theres nothing I can do to get it removed? Many Thanks Michael
  21. Good afternoon everyone. Sorry in advance for my naivety as this is my first time using this wonderful forum. I received a CCJ with regards to an alleged debt of £86.00 to Santander cards on behalf of ‘The Lewis Group’ in July 2013. I sent a CCA request to the Lewis Group and received a letter back informing me they don’t need to comply with a CCA request as they are not the creditor and because a CCJ had already been registered against me Santander wouldn’t have to deal with my CCA request. The alleged debt has since been purchased by Arrow Global. If I send arrow global a SAR and they can’t send me a copy of the alleged agreement is it then possible to get the CCJ removed? All I want is to this agreement! Now a CCJ is registered against me am I able to do this? Advise is welcome  Many Thanks, Michael
  22. Hi Andy, Thank you for your reply! Its mainly the payments which is the issue...sorry if i sound stupid but is the N244.would that allow me to reduce the payments...like if im on benefits can the court decide i only pay "X" PER MONTH? mANY tHANKS michael
  23. I already got the paperwork from the court for judgement to be set aside, they emailed it to me along with a form to fill out so i dont have to pay the fee as im on employment and support allowence. I sent it back to them recorded delivery and they received it on 02/08/12. Seeing as i filed the caa request to late and seeing as its doubtfull jusgement would be set aside I should just write to the court again explain that Ill need them to arrange a relistic payment plan...can i do that? if so....shall i do that now or wait for the outcome about the judgeent being set aside. Im very thankfull for your help Mnay Thanks Michael
  24. Judgement for claimant claim number.................... Northampton County Court to the defendant you have not replied to the claim form it is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant 86.84 for debt and 87.00 for legal costs. you must pay the claimant a total of 173.84 by installments of 125.00 per month. the first payment should reach the claiment by 06-08-12. I never received a claim form, and as soon as i got this letter i staright away rang the court disputed the debt they sent out the information i needed to fill out for judgement to be set aside and then i sent a cca request to lewis group. The court said they are dealing with a back-log so should reply to me wikthin a month.
  25. oh and I dont believe it is a "forthwith demand"
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