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  1. sorry i missed your calls the phone was in my locker and i didnt hear it.i tried to call you but i think you were away for lunch...if you can give me a call back on the number i provided that would be great..thanks
  2. ive been waiting all day for a call so not sure how i missed it to be honest...another few issues have come up however i shall wait for your call in the morning before i start writing them all over the internet
  3. Just off the phone to the above person...and to be honest its the first sensible conversation ive had with Hastings...Will update listing with more info when im contacted again
  4. TBH im not really interested in PI..Im more concerned with the poor value placed on my car...i just though maybe my solicitor could advise me what channels to go down to appeal the decision as Hastings Direct constantly just keep lying to me
  5. Around a month ago I was sitting in my parked Audi tt quattro...I was then hit by a driver who came across 2 lanes of traffic and ploughed into the front of me Fast forward to today..Ive just been given what i can only describe as a very poor offer by Hastings. I told them i wasnt happy with their offer...their response was to cancel my courtesy car and issue a cheque for the amount i rejected. After phoning them i was told to send in 3 examples of similar spec car for the car to be revalued...i sent in 5 examples from each of the top car selling sites (ebay autotrader gumtree e
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