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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi, I said I would accept the £700 but would be pursuing the rest so they don't actually pay you as you are going for the whole lot. I will go down the hardship route I guess, can you confirm it is was hardship at the time my wife incurred the costs or hardship now. My wife could state either but my income would mean they wouldn't give it as I earnt 69k last year. The reality is though we have 30k on credit cards so although I took home a good wage, we are barely surviving at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I haven't been on the site in a while so apologies if this has been covered off previously. I successfully retrieved my money owed by Lloyds and Abbey National, I then embarked on chasing my wife's Barclays and Natwest accounts. She was offered £700 from Barclays from the £1793 total and £599 from a £700 total with Natwest. This was in Jan 07 and Feb 07, I sent the standard letter back stating we would accept but would pursue the remaining amount. Then the big freeze to bank charges came in when my Barclays case got a notice of hearing in June 07. My wife is a house wife and doe
  4. Can you change from an interest only mortgage to a capital mortgage with the same company (C&G) even if your term hasn't ended?? We have 1 year left on interest only but want to change to a capital mortgage as the difference is only about £200 per month which we can afford now. Any ideas would be welcomed.
  5. Thanks, I guess I will have to just sit and wait then.
  6. Do you suggest I wait for the OFT hearing to be heard or can I ask for case to be heard as it was meant to happen in August. Had letter saying I would have to wait and case had been put on hold until hearing finished. Has anyone had success getting their case heard after recieving this letter??
  7. Hi, Looking for advice before make claim on LCD TV, I have accidental damage. My 2 yr old got a bit happy go lucky with the fire poker and wrote off my TV screen. I have had the TV for nearly two years now, cost me £700 at the time but don't have receipt or proof of purchase anymore. What do I need to provide for Norwich Union so they can verify how much it cost me. Never made a claim before and feel a little anxious for some reason even though I am covered for this. Advice on what to and what not to say as a friend recently got a little tongue tied when claiming and they gave h
  8. Recieved letter from the court regarding the OFT test case stating my case was on stay and would have to wait to see the outcome of the test case. As I am so close to the court date is there nothing that can be done, it does state the "either party may apply at any time, by application on notice in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 Part 23, to lift the stay". Firstly what is this part of the rule and what do I need to say if I want to apply. Is this worth doing? And how do you do it??? Help appreciated.
  9. Thanks, I will check with the court on Monday to see if they have submitted anything yet and take it from there.
  10. Hi, I submitted my online claim on the 15th March, the 14 days is up now and I have not heard from Barclays or the court yet. Does this mean I have won or does this mean I need to chase the court up and see what's going on. Is it normal not to receive any paperwork at all from the court either way? Confused about what to do. badgerboy.
  11. Submitted the online claim last week, so I am awaiting their response now. I am right in saying if they don't respond within the time frame then they are given another 14 or 28 days to respond. If not then I win. threads merged please keep to the one thread for each claim this is for your benefit as you will recieve much more informed advice if people can see at a glance what you have done so far Thanks
  12. I received part payment offer and sent letter back accepting as part payment etc. They sent on back saying that is only offer on table so I am write in saying I lodge my court claim now don't I??? And has the text you enter changed since the OFT ruling or is it the same old one. I have done this once before but still seem to need reassurance all the way and forget the process.
  13. Yep your right thanks for advice.
  14. Hi, My mother in law mentione dot me that everytime she goes into her agreed overdraft of £200, even if it only £1, she gets charged a £5 overdraft fee everytime as well as interest on it. Is this something that can be claimed back or not????? Any help would be appreciated. Badgerboy
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