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  1. Hi i assume the wording on the CCA is a UK Letter intended for action within the UK. So me sending this letter from NZ to NZ DCA, do i have to stipulate anything different , or will the DCA get the jist ? thanks
  2. Many , Many thanks for the advice ! You dont know how much its appreciated. sorry to add, what does the requesting CCA actually do ? and if they do produce, what next thanks Kiwi
  3. Did the original debt have PPI > sorry what is this ? Have they added charges? >dont think so, but the DCA said they will start ! How old is the a/c? >about 15yrs.. left the UK about 6 yrs , ago and made last payment about 1yr ago.. then it got too much to pay off inc interest When was the last time you made a payment or written acknowledgement of the debt? should i respond to the letters? thanks
  4. UK CC for about 5k sterling..! Very concerning , letters, threats of legal action, and also it effecting my credit rating in NZ Would an decreased offer be the best option, or just sit it out and ignore appreciate the advise thanks
  5. Hi Ive just joined the forum, and found this thread, all be it back in 2009. Im in the same situation whereby ive now recieved 2 letters from a NZ DCA, for a CC debt back in the UK. So is it idle threats and should i ignore? They do have my NZ address, so will i expect a knock at the door with a big white van ? What do i say if they ring or come to the house ? many thanks Kiwi
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