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  1. Plz some one can help me with question in EDITED part of my post. I dont want left without money to live again
  2. any advice what I need to write to them about repay plan? thx
  3. Thanks for advice, I get financial problem and not repay this loan, and I a little bit scary to call the and speak with them
  4. Hello all I got paydayuk to repay but now they take all money from account!. If I get 20£,100£ etc... they take all leave me without money to live. Can come one tell me how to cancel this payment? it is not direct debet, prodobly card if I raport card as stolen then stop take money or not ??, I take my money from work tomorrow . Please for any advice Thanks EDIT: Ok I went to bank today and they said "they can do this in branch" I need to call them and speak with bank advisor but also he said it can take up to 30 days before remove automatic payment. Like I said I take money from work tomorrow and I dont want to loose them, what is better speak with them or just raport my card as stolen ??? plz help
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