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  1. Right so if he clamps the car he's in trouble.... gotcha Thank you so much for the info
  2. So any further payments she should make via the website... right I shall let her know ASAP Thank you for replying
  3. I'm not sure about the tags as it isn't mine... They said they would be returning with the police to force gain/force entry... Thank you for replying
  4. Brassnecked.... Thank you for the reply As for the list I'm not sure if they were listed correctly. No there would be no seating, only 2 bar stools which are in the kitchen. She is single and works part time. Its Newport council and Swift someone or another.
  5. Television, suround sound system, 3 piece suite I think that's it... But she's unsure about the amount as well, shes positive it was £600 with the charges etc now they are saying it's £800
  6. I do have a car but it's not registered to me. It's a disability car for my grandmother in her name, would they still be able to levy this??
  7. Hi, I need some advice for my friend. She has been repaying a bailiff £50 pm but de-faulted and hasn't paid since April. She recieved a letter stating they would be visiting her on 31/08/12 if she does not pay £300 now. She rang them to try to arrange something but they told her if she doesn't pay the £300 and then £50 pm there after they will be visiting her property with the intention of gaining access to remove goods with the aid of the police. She stupidly let them in the first time and she signed WPO. Any advice would be greatly appreciate as she is in a
  8. Thank you that was very helpful. I will continue to pay via online and contact the council tax to find out what has gone on. Hopefully something can be re-arranged without having to deal with the bailiffs.
  9. My daughter's 16. I have two orders for the total amount of £500... What I couldn't understand was the two call out chargers when he only came once... I understand they are two different accounts but surely to charge twice is a little unfair.
  10. Hey all, I know you have probably heard this a million times and I have tried to search for an answer without much luck... I have arrears with my council tax which I pay £20 pw via online payments. When I came home from work one day last week I had a letter from Swift Bailiffs. He handed this to my daughter and left. The only reason I can recall for them to hand it over to Swift is because I missed one week due to my purse being lost and I needed a new debit card issued to me. When I opened the letter it had two accounts on on letter with two call out fees? Is this correc
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