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  1. Thanks for the responses - Yes we took photos of the rat droppings on the tables and the chocolates The barn was on a farm that has diversified and lets out its buildings to other companies. The response from the so called manager on mentioning the rat droppings was "didn't know we had a problem". However this is a venue that has a drink licence and provides a kitchen for preparing food - there should, in our view, not be a rat problem anywhere near the barn let alone their running around on tables laid for food consumption. In terms of the amount of compensation that's the
  2. We hired a barn as a wedding venue for our daughters wedding. The barn was advertised as a wedding venue and had a wedding licence. The barn is used solely for functions with a kitchen, bar, hard carpeted floor etc. The charge for hire for 4 days was £2900. On the surface the venue looked ideal and fitted in with the theme my daughter had decided on for the wedding. We took over hire on the Thursday before a Saturday wedding - the first things we had to do was set to work on cleaning the toilets that were in a disgusting state, cobwebs adorned the walls of the barn and all had t
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