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  1. Well, 2 days now and ive not heard a peep from A4E at all, im going to take Conniffs advice and email Andrew Duton and Nigel Lemmon to complain, and tell the job center i dont want any more dealings with A4E so they should refer me to a different agency. Thanks for everything all! o/
  2. I see, to be honest i sorta live under a rock, i dont keep myself apprised of recent news (or semi-recent) like most people, i had heard that A4E were essentially [edit]ing cash from the govornment, but i didnt know this was to do with their utter incompetence. After i posted my first message I had called my local Job Center to ask what the hell was happening with A4E sanctioning me, they told me i should get in contact with A4E, which i did, i was told they would call me back in 15minutes, it is now 3 and a half hours after i had contacted them (I contacted them just after posting my first message here) and ive still had no call back, or response to my email. Ill come back to posting tomorrow and see if they do actually email me back, or call me, i have also saved the 2 email addresses Conniff had posted (thanks for that!), and will certainly email them should i not recieve a satisfactory response (Infact, i might just contact them anyway!) Thank you all for your responses!
  3. Hello all, this is the first time ive used this website (infact, today is the first time ive even heard of it!) First a little information. To start, both me AND my brother are on Jobseekers allowance (there is little work we are qualified for in our area, gets snapped up quickly, meaning that alot of people are still looking for work, the jobs available are stuff like HGV drivers, Electricians etc, which both me and my brother are unqualified for) We have both been referred to the A4E work program, and A4E has been doing nothing but mess around with me and brother because they send us Letters saying we had missed appointments that we never get told about! The Jobcenter one day told me that i should contact A4E to arrange an appointment myself, which i did and attended, when there i made sure they had my contact information (address etc) correct, which they did, so i told then that because id not been recieving letters i would like them to email me all my appointments etc, which they told me was no problem, but today I have recieved an Email stating that i had missed an appointment yesterday (Monday the 6th) which they told me about in a letter (which, i had NOT recieved), and that I am being Sanctioned for 6months?? Is this level of incompetence normal for A4E?! or are they doing it on purpose to try and get people off JSA?! I emailed the A4E employee who emailed me about the sanction, asking if they can send me copies of the letters i have apperantly been sent, i will post here with the response i recieve. Is there anything i can do about this stupidity?
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