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  1. GSV location link? - Don't know what that is. Google Maps location? If so, that was in the report filed online as per my phone call to the police's request Accident diagram you sent to your Insurer? - One hasn't been requested at any point. (As I said, never been in this situation before so know nothing, and the insurer hasn't been helpful to me) Did you report accident to police within 24 hrs? - I reported it within 9 minutes by phone, two hours online Did Police investigate the accident? - Received no advice regarding that, only a reference number.
  2. Hi all, Now, I've not been driving very long and have always been pretty careful, so I apologise if I actually sound a bit thick with anything I'm about to say here. First things first: Back in January, I ended up in a bus sandwich. I'm told after the fact of all the things I need to do after an accident - please don't judge me there, I've never even had a slight ding so don't have the same level of knowledge as the people saying "photograph everything" and so on. What basically happened was that I stopped behind a bus on a single 20mph carriage to allow a van to pass. When I was sure I could safely overtake and that the bus wasn't going to pull out on me, I started to overtake. Another bus which had brought up the rear and hadn't slowed down at all (not completely convinced it was going at 20 either) had decided I, in her words, had "parked" (this single carriageway has double yellows either side, incidentally) and decided to overtake me and the other bus. She says I hit her, which I did because it's a matter of geometry - in order to overtake you need to be at a slight angle. I'll be honest, while I can say I believe it to be her fault, emphasised by the fact that after the collision she drove away from the scene, I don't honestly remember what actually happened. Regarding her driving away from the scene, she could have pulled over into one of the two bus stops on that road but instead kept driving, past the traffic lights and around the corner and about half an hour later she appeared beside me without a vehicle saying "I believe you've had an accident." By that time I'd already reported her to the police. The insurance company said that it'd probably be 50/50 from the start. I don't know if there's been any outcome - it took them two weeks of me chasing them to collect my car, which was a cosmetic write-off, another two weeks or there abouts of me chasing them for them to give me an offer. In the meantime, I'd told them I wouldn't be signing my car over to the collection company until I received the money for the car. I had to get a new car on finance, which kind of sucks because I was really enjoying my fifth month of being debt-free. I'd told someone at my insurance company that I'd be swapping my insurance to the new car at the end of the month - until then, I'd added it as an additional vehicle. Anyway, I call up the insurance company to make that change and they tell me they'd be charging me £19.99 to reinstate the insurance as they'd cancelled it (kind of annoyed me as I'd told them I'd be swapping it over but it's not like they'd been any good up until that point anyway). Fine. So they updated my insurance to run the rest of the term. Then they take £788 out of my bank account, which leads me to dilemma 2. After a few calls, the insurance company cancelled the debit because they'd made a mistake and instructed me to go to the bank and cancel there too, which I did. Then they call me a week later and tell me I DO owe them that £788 as a premium against the old car, and that they can't take it against my current car. "We know it's a large amount to take in one hit so we're happy to take it in two payments." Well, as nice as that is, this is something I need to think over because I work 30-something miles away in an admin job, I have bills to pay and I discovered around then that I was 3 months pregnant and need to save all the money I can because statutory maternity pay is £145.18/week (unless I opt to be an absent mother, which I think I'm going to have to do if I want bills paid). Can anyone explain to me why this amount can't be debited against my current insurance? Also, if they've reinstated my insurance, a thing I paid £19.99 for, I don't see why I have to pay this premium as well. In the meantime, still not got a clue what's going on as far as my claim goes. I've been advised to call them and ask if they're following up my claim, if not why not and if they've decided to settle at 50/50 if the bus company's paid their contribution to the excess I've paid out. Again, sorry if I sound really stupid here. There's a possibility I am incredibly thick when it comes to this stuff.
  3. Howdy, folks! I bought a photo frame off Amazon for £13.99. It's pretty nice, and intended as one of my dad's Christmas presents. it's turned up with broken glass. Fine. I emailed the seller asking for an exchange, the seller asked if it was usable and if so they'd give me a 35% refund. Fair enough. I looked into how much it would cost me to replace the glass with either glass or Perspex. Turns out I can get Perspex for around £13, I told them that 35% wouldn't work for me, I'd rather have either an exchange or a full refund. The seller came back offering a 50% refund, I explained that receiving that kind of refund doesn't cover me for replacing the glass, and again asked for an exchange or a refund. They're current saying 60%. What they said was this: I understand your concern. the item is not any use for us now as it cannot sold ahead as brand new. It would also save you the hassle of returning and then waiting for the return to received in warehouse and then send you another one. I would prefer you to accept the offer for partial refund of 60%. I hope you would understand i'm not really tempted to accept this offer, but it's winding me up that because the defective item is no use to the client, they think I should pay them to keep it. How would you respond to this? I'm going to ask for a full refund, but I'm wondering if they're going to just come back to me with "How about 70%?
  4. Howdy! Here's my problem. I work for a company that isn't exactly the greatest. It's an SME, so I do understand the constant changes and such... But anyway. Someone is about to hand in their notice and reckons that shortly after I will be moved into her role (tenders and PA to sales director). I was taken on 8 years ago for contracts (tenders) admin. After maybe 5 years, the receptionist quit. Somebody decided to put me on reception - a job I hate and thus would never apply for - as a 'temporary' measure. This meant I was doing my contracts job and the reception job at once, which totally overloaded me. Without notice, my contracts role was given to a member of the sales team. She promptly left and tenders got tacked onto the Office Manager. When the OM when on maternity leave, this PA came in. She is now dealing with tenders. New Year arrived and I was moved back to the office to deal with some SEO for the company's catalogue, and reception was covered by five rotating tech and sales apprentices. My work was taken away from me yet again following a sales person's complaint that I wouldn't allow her out-of-framework-scope product onto the closely monitored framework catalogue (I was given the answer 'we need to put everything on the catalogue whether it's in scope or not because we're not getting the sales!'). Anyway, can my employer change my role yet again? I ask because my thoughts are they clearly didn't think I was doing a good enough job in the first place to take it away from me. She's not the only person resigning this week - so far there's been four resignations this month) - so is it inreasonable for me to decline when they could in theory bring in another member of staff? Or is saying no a breach of my incredibly vague, universal contract and grounds for them firing me? I might hate the company and how it treats people but I'm not ready to quit until I've had another job offer.
  5. Hi, I've had the same issue. At the time, I thought they'd only attempted to take the money from my account as I don't have an overdraft and frankly, I'm a little dumb!! Anyway, after three calls to the bank (Lloyds TSB) and a bit of maths, I found they had actually taken the money. I called them again and explained the situation. Basically, they used my old card details to take the money (I'd presumed somehow they'd managed to obtain my new details but the chap in finance said sometimes they try the old details and it's honoured) but as I've told them during their various 8 calls a day back in July and August that I'm with a debt management company, and I've followed this up with emails and letters on 7th August. The outcome is that Lloyds have raised a dispute and if they argue it (as far as Lloyds is concerned Payday Express is aware because I've told them verbally, the debt management company has told them and sent them money so they shouldn't have done it) they will be fined and the money will be returned to me, plus accrued charges, by 6pm. If they agree, the money will be in my account by 6pm. Speak to the bank and kick up a stink about it. Make sure they're aware that PE know of your situation, and the money should be returned. Of course, you may have already dealt with the situation, in which case I hope it went well! But if not, I hope this experience of mine helps you somewhat. Take care!
  6. So, months ago I came to you lovely folks regarding Payday Express' incessant calling. They since stopped their calls (thanks all who helped!) Anyway, months on, they finally changed the tone of their letters. About 2 months ago, they said they'd be sending an agent to me (which they didn't) and please reply to let them know it was a convenient time. I ignored it. They refused the payment from the debt management company. The last time I spoke to them, they were moaning because they couldn't understand why I couldn't afford to pay them in full if I'm with a debt management company. I enjoyed answering that... Anyway. There's been months of inactivity on their part, and then I got a text from Lloyds on Monday saying I was on or over my limit. Well, end of the month, couple of days from payday, it's to be expected. Of course, you know what's coming. I've been charged for being overgrown because they seem to somehow have gained my debit details. As advised, I changed my card details. I would have changed banks but unfortunately banks don't like to give accounts to people who've got bad credit ratings, apparently. What Payday Express is doing isn't theft as far as I'm concerned because I was an idiot and I borrowed from them then couldn't fulfil my contract to them. Next month I predict the same thing will happen though, and I was wondering if there's any way I can prevent it. Obviously, Lloyds were understanding, but somehow the smeggers have obtained my card details (the woman at the bank told me they were unexpected card payments). If they refused to accept the DMC's offer and keep trying to screw me over by taking money out days before I get paid, I can't see how they expect any payment joy. Does anyone know if they ever stop being idiots and actually pass these things to collection companies?
  7. Ooooooooh, HOW indeed... Well. Here's the general gist of it: Since my very incredibly polite email to them (I know, that reeked of sarcasm), I called them to tell them to remove my home number as it's pointless harassing my mother at times when ordinary humans are at work. The chap duly did. I got home and was told there'd been a call about 10 minutes before. I called them and fair play to the chap on the end, he was alright to talk to. I do feel sorry for them at times, it's hardly like they grew up thinking "One day I want to work for Payday Express and take other people's crap!" Well, he said he could see my number's been removed from one system, but not the other and apparently they have 2. He asked the reason for the removal, and I said they have the ability to call 8 times a day between 9 and 6, and since I'm not home between those hours, they're cruising for a maternal bruising. He said fine, and did so. We didn't have any calls the day after, nor for the rest of the week, and just as I was beginning to feel unloved, suddenly I get the text coming through to my phone. Ah-ha, I think to myself, they've received my emails finally. Monday morning, mid jog-to-work, my phone rings (I was highly grateful for the interruption too. Until I found out it was them) and I confirmed my details, saying to her that this would be the final time I *do* confirm anything, and it's only being confirmed because I wanted it official when I say "please see your notes from the last three times I've spoken to your company." She then informed me the company could call up to 8 times a day on any given number until they receive payment. Fine, I said. My work number's outgoing only, and all their numbers are blacklisted in my phone. Then my mum calls me to say that yes, they have called twice so far. I spoke to the woman at 8:30am. My mum called at 9:15. Now, forgive my stupidity, but I thought that their ability to call 8 times a day applied only to days when the person they wish to speak to didn't answer. And incidentally, they NEED to change their text message from something more accurate than "We have been trying to contact you regarding your arrears, please contact us urgently." It leaves a false impression. You know, one that says I haven't actually had any contact with them that day. Anyway, true to my word, I didn't answer a single call, and I forwarded my emails with the telephone harassment letter email AND recorded as you said). When they'd called my home for the 8th time, I called them and asked if it would be at all possible for my dad to speak to them on my behalf. They agreed. I'd in the meantime forwarded everything I'd sent to them to my dear papa and he agreed that there was pretty much no room for any misunderstanding in any of it. Strangely, since he called them and asked to speak to a supervisor (who, by the way, was very busy and would have to call him back), there hasn't been a single call. The last text I had was saying about passing over to another company (I got told on the phone that happens on day 49 or something though...? which frankly, I welcome.
  8. HA! Loving you, Bombaymix! I hate to admit it but I did refer to them as illiterate snipes in my politer email... Last check when I called home, they have so far called four times today. I will look into a list of everyones. I'm pretty certain that they'll keep calling as clearly they're unable to review notes on a screen before they call. During a call, they're still incapable of reviewing notes. I'm sure everything will die down soon. I'm presuming they may be a little panicked over the fact that clearly I will never have anything to do with them again. I presume up until now my notes told them how amazingly witty and brilliant I am to speak to... On a serious note, thanks for the advice so far. I do appreciate it, and I just wish I'd consulted the forum before sending them the barrage of (justified) abuse. Just running a test now to see if they've received my rant. If my phone rings, I'll know they have!! Then I'll have fun using the blacklist function on my phone. Hopefully it'll give my mum a break from running to the phone and groaning every time she sees their numbers on the screen (although exercise is brilliant.)
  9. Hiiiiiiii! Thanks - I will. I did send an email to them earlier which may not have used all the legal terminology I should have... I wasn't as polite... Not talking to them isn't much of a problem - my mother's taken note of several varying numbers they call from and doesn't answer, but she doesn't really get it when I say I shouldn't speak to them. I only called them back at her request because of her frustration and to tell them to not call my house phone. (There answer was "I know but we couldn't get an answer from her mobile" - that's because I had it cut off!!) At the moment I'm standing at £584.60. The original sum to pay back I believe (including interest) was £477, from I *think* £370.00 loan. Obviously it's not a lot in theory, realistically it's a catchup situation.
  10. Long story short, I got into a bit of mess with payday loans to the point where I eventually went to a debt management company. Like the idiot that I was, I forgot about Payday Express and felt rather positive that, given their actually rather helpful way in being that you roll over x amount of times, they attempt to 'help' by taking a little bit more to lower next month's payment. Well, that's what they suggested, asking for email confirmation which I gave them back in April. Little did I know that their interest rate was going up, and therefore they conveniently failed to receive my email and took the lot, leaving me completely screwed on my pay day. But it's ok, they say when I call them up to say hey, what the heck were you doing, because they can offer me another loan! And, since my plan had been to pay them in full a couple of months later when I'd be in a better position, I did because I'm a moron like that. Cue a few weeks ago when I finally bit the bullet and admitted that actually, with utility and vet bills to pay, I couldn't handle it. I discovered this, by the way, the day that my payment to the debt management company was the payment to bounce. Luckily they were really nice about it, and have taken on Payday Express. Obviously they didn't get their money when I got paid, and that day they phoned my home phone eight times to speak to me between 9 and 6, and once in the evening which I actually missed. The next day they called a similar amount of times, and my mother took down their number and asked me to call them back, which I did instantly. When I told them I was with a debt management company, they said the name and told me they'd refused their offer, and asked if I'd pay the settlement figure they had. Obviously, I said no. They told me they'd have to at some point start proceedings against me and it would affect my credit rating (I think I actually laughed at that), and I said please do, their collection company will have to acknowledge the amount they're offered. (To my knowledge at least). In the meantime, would they be so kind as to stop calling my home phone because they're winding my parents up with the number of calls they make. Later the same day, I get another call from them. I told him I'd already spoken to them. He knew (?) and then started asking me questions about why I won't pay a settlement figure if I can afford to now I'm with a debt management company. I told him about that stunt they pulled in April/May and said I realise he probably has a target to reach but he's not getting anything out of me, I'm with a debt management company and speak to them, don't call me. A couple of days later, I received another call from them. The woman checked my details, read off the information she had on the screen, then said she was sorry, she much have made a mistake in calling me, and that was that. Starting yesterday though, they're back to phoning more than 3 times a day. My mum doesn't know how many times they called as she actually has a social life and was out half the day. I'm sure there was a more concise way of saying all this but I figured I'd give you the details!! Are they at that point yet where I can threaten them? I'm actually rather placid, REALLY not good at threatening, but I'm pretty sure this constitutes harassment now!! There isn't a single detail I can give them to make their call worthwhile!! Even their emails asking me to contact them, but disregard the email if I've already spoken to them. I don't suppose anyone has any amazing advice out there by any chance...?
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