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  1. GSV location link? - Don't know what that is. Google Maps location? If so, that was in the report filed online as per my phone call to the police's request Accident diagram you sent to your Insurer? - One hasn't been requested at any point. (As I said, never been in this situation before so know nothing, and the insurer hasn't been helpful to me) Did you report accident to police within 24 hrs? - I reported it within 9 minutes by phone, two hours online Did Police investigate the accident? - Received no advice regarding that, only a reference number.
  2. Hi all, Now, I've not been driving very long and have always been pretty careful, so I apologise if I actually sound a bit thick with anything I'm about to say here. First things first: Back in January, I ended up in a bus sandwich. I'm told after the fact of all the things I need to do after an accident - please don't judge me there, I've never even had a slight ding so don't have the same level of knowledge as the people saying "photograph everything" and so on. What basically happened was that I stopped behind a bus on a single 20mph carriage to allow a van to pass. When I
  3. Howdy, folks! I bought a photo frame off Amazon for £13.99. It's pretty nice, and intended as one of my dad's Christmas presents. it's turned up with broken glass. Fine. I emailed the seller asking for an exchange, the seller asked if it was usable and if so they'd give me a 35% refund. Fair enough. I looked into how much it would cost me to replace the glass with either glass or Perspex. Turns out I can get Perspex for around £13, I told them that 35% wouldn't work for me, I'd rather have either an exchange or a full refund. The seller came back offer
  4. Howdy! Here's my problem. I work for a company that isn't exactly the greatest. It's an SME, so I do understand the constant changes and such... But anyway. Someone is about to hand in their notice and reckons that shortly after I will be moved into her role (tenders and PA to sales director). I was taken on 8 years ago for contracts (tenders) admin. After maybe 5 years, the receptionist quit. Somebody decided to put me on reception - a job I hate and thus would never apply for - as a 'temporary' measure. This meant I was doing my contracts job and the reception job at once, whi
  5. Hi, I've had the same issue. At the time, I thought they'd only attempted to take the money from my account as I don't have an overdraft and frankly, I'm a little dumb!! Anyway, after three calls to the bank (Lloyds TSB) and a bit of maths, I found they had actually taken the money. I called them again and explained the situation. Basically, they used my old card details to take the money (I'd presumed somehow they'd managed to obtain my new details but the chap in finance said sometimes they try the old details and it's honoured) but as I've told them during their various 8 calls
  6. So, months ago I came to you lovely folks regarding Payday Express' incessant calling. They since stopped their calls (thanks all who helped!) Anyway, months on, they finally changed the tone of their letters. About 2 months ago, they said they'd be sending an agent to me (which they didn't) and please reply to let them know it was a convenient time. I ignored it. They refused the payment from the debt management company. The last time I spoke to them, they were moaning because they couldn't understand why I couldn't afford to pay them in full if I'm with a debt management company. I enjo
  7. Ooooooooh, HOW indeed... Well. Here's the general gist of it: Since my very incredibly polite email to them (I know, that reeked of sarcasm), I called them to tell them to remove my home number as it's pointless harassing my mother at times when ordinary humans are at work. The chap duly did. I got home and was told there'd been a call about 10 minutes before. I called them and fair play to the chap on the end, he was alright to talk to. I do feel sorry for them at times, it's hardly like they grew up thinking "One day I want to work for Payday Express and take other people's cr
  8. HA! Loving you, Bombaymix! I hate to admit it but I did refer to them as illiterate snipes in my politer email... Last check when I called home, they have so far called four times today. I will look into a list of everyones. I'm pretty certain that they'll keep calling as clearly they're unable to review notes on a screen before they call. During a call, they're still incapable of reviewing notes. I'm sure everything will die down soon. I'm presuming they may be a little panicked over the fact that clearly I will never have anything to do with them again. I presume up until now
  9. Hiiiiiiii! Thanks - I will. I did send an email to them earlier which may not have used all the legal terminology I should have... I wasn't as polite... Not talking to them isn't much of a problem - my mother's taken note of several varying numbers they call from and doesn't answer, but she doesn't really get it when I say I shouldn't speak to them. I only called them back at her request because of her frustration and to tell them to not call my house phone. (There answer was "I know but we couldn't get an answer from her mobile" - that's because I had it cut off!!) At th
  10. Long story short, I got into a bit of mess with payday loans to the point where I eventually went to a debt management company. Like the idiot that I was, I forgot about Payday Express and felt rather positive that, given their actually rather helpful way in being that you roll over x amount of times, they attempt to 'help' by taking a little bit more to lower next month's payment. Well, that's what they suggested, asking for email confirmation which I gave them back in April. Little did I know that their interest rate was going up, and therefore they conveniently failed to receive my email
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