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  1. Apparently it is in the region of £4000 yes - thousand. I was surprised too!
  2. Hi all, Will try to be brief - I have a 3 year old Mini One which was brought brand new in 2009 and is just out of finance. I brought the car out right at the end of the deal. - In May last year the car was fitted with a new windscreen after a crack appeared. The windscreen company were one which I had to use due to my insurance with Hastings. They are a National windscreen company. - 4 weeks ago, in the heavy rain, there was a huge leak in the car which caused the car to be soaked inside and not to start. many of the electrics went out. Mini garage (who I have used for all car issues for the last 3 years) identified that the leak was from a faulty windscreen fitting. - I contacted the company who fitted the windscreen who agreed to have it replaced and carpets dried and foot all bills. They supplied us with a courtesy car and had had the car for the last 3 weeks now. I asked that the car stay with Mini but they obviously wanted to get the work done more cheaply elsewhere so I agreed to this as long as it was returned in perfect condition. - Since then, the car has continued to fail to start and Mini have identified that the problem is with the fuse box, which needs replacing which is going to cost nigh on £4000. - So far, the windscreen company have communicated with me fairly poorly (said they will call and have not done so, passed the buck etc) and have not yet paid their invoice for work undertaken so far to Mini. I don't feel reassured that they are giving me 100% correct information as I have had conflicting messages from them so far. - I am now concerned that they will refuse to pay for the work that needs to be done, which Mini explain could only be caused by the leak, which was caused by them fitting a faulty screen on my car. The windscreen company seem to be somewhat disputing that this could be caused by a leak. Does anyone know where I stand in terms of what my rights are here? I presume that the windscreen company are liable to pay for any damages that the leak caused - but is it within my power to say where I want the car to be fixed ( I would like it to stay with Mini, who I trust ) rather than it be shipped to another place to get it fixed more cheaply? I know that the windscreen company are going to start being difficult as the cost rises and am very concerned by this - but this is not my fault and we have never had a problem with the car until now - I mean it is just 3 years old! I have called my Solicitor and Citizens Advice and await responses from both - but if anyone one here has any advice for me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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