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  1. Thanks for the quick replies! Luckily I did know Blair Oliver were Halifax, so didn't panic there. No PPI on this account and not many charges (probably only £60 worth, if that).
  2. In Spetember 2012 the Halifax agreed to £1.00 a month payment for 6 months on my £6120 outstanding credit card balance, to be reviewed in March 2013. I have the letter from them that states this. I set up the £1.00 a month before they agreed and it has been going out monthly ever since. Last week I received a letter from the Halifax to say they had passed my account onto Wescot for collection. I then received a letter from Wescot to say they were now collecting the debt. I've tried to find out why my debt has been passed on to them as I have not broken the agreement. Blair Oliver sa
  3. Hi, I currently have a credit card with the Haifax. In the past I also had a current account(opened around 2002) closed in 2009, and a loan (got around 2004 and has been paid off in full) with them. I don't have any details about the current account or the loan, so just wondering if I send them a SAR will they send me any information on these two things too? As far as I'm aware I didn't have PPI on the loan but I'd like to know for sure! Also would I have to send £10.00 for each one? Thanks Thriftyloz
  4. Hi, Just wanting a little point in the right direction if anyone can help please! Last month I lost my job and now myself and my 5 year old daughter are back living with my mum as could not afford the rent on our flat. I currently have the following debts: £6138 Halifax -have told them my situation and CCA'd them, got a signed agreement back (unlucky me) and I have missed one payment which they have sent me a collection letter for, it has also sent me over the my credit limit with the late payment charge and interest. Grrr Cooperative Bank Loan - £8232.18 is t
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