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  1. Im not going to mention any names but i have a good bank manager who is sympathetic towards my circumstances and has a degree of hate towards these type of companies. He is opening me a new account on friday and closing the old one down so i have new details and card details. He believes they cannot offer direct debits if they do not adhere to the schemes rules. I will see what he says on Friday but i hope i can get them on something.
  2. Thats what im getting at. This company is regulated by some kind of body. Whether its in their contract or not they are breeching th DD scheme? Can i not have them by the short and curlies for this behaviour?
  3. And as for the rogues at wageday advance? Surely they have breeched something too?
  4. Hi There, I took out a stupid pay-day loan and couldn't afford to pay it back. Now I cancelled my debit card and my bank manager cancelled the direct debit 2 months ago and all was fine and well. A few days ago I noticed that they had set up a direct debit again and applied for payment of the balance. Am I correct that this is a breach of the direct debit scheme regardless of their terms and conditions? As far as I am aware with other companies if I or my bank cancel the direct debit, the recipient requires my authorisation to set up a new one? Am I right? Are they i
  5. I have 4 mobile contracts. A 5k loan and a £200 credit card which i manage in good order. Plus I have a load of Payday loans settled satisfactorily. If i keep my head down and stick with what i have, will it at least come up enough so my bank will offer me a current account?
  6. surely a default and a F&F settlement of lesser value is still a settlement. If the creditor agrees? And if i settle the defaulted accounts will my credit score begin to improve. Also how long after the defaults before creditors overlook them as i have many credit accounts that i still manage well. My current score is 272
  7. I've been a bad creditor for years. I have about 30k of statute barred debts. But ive started thinking of mortgages and alike and I have a bit of cash about me. I have a credit score of 272 and figured i can get them away with a 50% or less offer if i have it in writing?
  8. Hi, Im new to the forum and have joined for help. My credit file and score has been obliterated by payday loans and defaults. I am about to engage in settling and cleaning up my credit file. I figured i can negotiate with payday companies and all i want is to propose a reduced settlement figure in return for settlement of the debt and my credit record updated accordingly. I intend to make an offer and have them send me a letter accepting the offer and agreeing to update my record. Without receiving this letter i will not proceed. Is this the best way to move f
  9. Hi, I am new to the forums and have a question regarding the above mentioned Motormile finance who have not exactly logged a credit search, but actually are reporting to experian that i have a defaulted account with them. My question is, can a DCA do this?
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