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  1. Hi guys have you ever came across someone who lied in their application about the job and then unable to pay to the pay day loan company at the end? i left my company in mid july but took three pay day loans AT THE END OF JULY to cover an unexpected tragedy. i know pay day loan companies will find this out that i am no longer employed because they will call me at my workplace and the switchboard person will tell them that i left in mid july. i have pay loans of 400 with speedy cash 150 with money shop and 250 with quickquid. i am very worried that they will prosecute me for lying to them on the application that i was still employed. can this even happen if i call them now and offer them some repayment plans? i can only repay from jan next year
  2. Hello all i have all intention to pay and i unexpectedly faced a shocking situation where my employment company is unable to sponsor me and i have to leave the country as my visa is expiring soon. i can only start paying from januaury next year as i have got a new job starting in canada then. i am just worried about the pay day loan companies charging me of fraud when they find out by ringing at my work place and they will be told that i left the firm in mid july.
  3. thanks for the reply. will they report me for fraud because i said in application that i was employed and the reality was that i left the job 2 weeks prior to application. if they report me for fraud then will i then get a criminal record? please advise
  4. hello. thanks for the reply. but do u think i should inform these pay day lenders that i am leaving and cant pay anymore.? i am worried about having criminal record in uk. also will they call my employer and sue them for payment? i am worried because then my employer will not provide me with references
  5. Hello all i have been working in uk for a firm that i left in mid july. however at the end of july, i took three pay day loans with Quick quid, speedy cash and money shop for the total of 800 pounds and lied on loan application that i am still employed. i gave them the details of my employer who i left in mid july. they also took my passport photocopy. due to some unforeseen circumtances, i have to leave uk permanantly next week please help me with these questions will they arrest me at airport? will they contact my employer and sue them for the payment? in my contract it says "right to contact employer" does it mean they can call them and ask them for payment? also, will i get a criminal record based on this? please help
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