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  1. Just read your thread through and wanted to say congratulations on your result. I bet it is a big weight off your mind.
  2. Thanks for the advice Tendogs and to the other people who posted with reassuring messages. I am not having a go at anyone, i'm just so frustrated with it all and how to go about things, i'm clueless. I just have awful visions of them coming to take my sons things away, that he has saved up for himself. I don't know if i could deal with seeing that happen. I swear i am seriously considering doing a law degree to help me and others in the future with consumer problems after all this worry. I appreciate i owe them money £1200ish, (of which £800 is charges). I missed 1 lousy £10 payment d
  3. Please tell me if i am wasting my time keep bumping my thread and pressing the red triangle to alert for help. Or keeping quiet for a day to not appear a nuissance and then still nothing. Short of begging, (which i pretty much have been doing), i don't know what else to do to get any help with my situation. It wouldn't bother me so much and i would just go away quietly if i hadn't been told that i will get help with my case/defence. So i keep clinging on to that hope that i will get help before it's too late but still it hasn't come. I would appreciate if i was just told outright that i w
  4. Oh thank you for looking in. I haven't had the Warrant of Execution served yet but i have a feeling it'll be waiting for me through the letter box in the morning, somehow. The 10 days that Cap one gave before they would apply for one was yesterday, so i need to fill the N244 form to take to court tomorrow and my £75 fee. But i just don't know what i am suppozed to give as my defence if they are saying i lost due to not attending and no grounds on my defence. If i just knew the basics of what to put i could type a defence up. I will not miss this hearing if it is granted, no way, no ho
  5. Bump Deserately need some advice here. I am worried sick that i am going to get the Warrant served before i have a chance to set aside. I have a day at the most to put in a new defence on the N244. Please
  6. Hi Paul, hope you had a good Christmas I need advice on what to do next please. I want to fill out the N244 form to set aside the judgement before the bailiffs are ordered to come round and i don't have much time. I phoned yesterday and asked the enforcments dept what happens now. They said i could either fill in N245 (to have the warrant of execution halted), if i agreed with the verdict or the N244 if i didn't agree with the verdict. So i want to go for the set aside to defend the decision. I just don't know what i am suppozed to put or say on the form as my reasons and hoped you c
  7. Okay, i think theres a few things that need addressing here. I have not at anytime blamed my defence for my loss of case and i still don't. I also don't want someone who has helped me a great deal on here and shown an interest being blamed either. I'm sure that any mistakes made were none intentional. I am well aware that other factors were involved. That being, my none attendance due to illness and incorrect information give over the phone by the Usher regarding whether i would loose my case if i didn't attend. I am not out to blame anyone and again i don't want anyone else bla
  8. Well, i got myself so worked up with all thats going on and been said that in the end i just ended up phoning National Debtline and spoke to a really helpful man who is sorting my problems with me and sending me all the relevant info and packs to deal with my problem. He told me to deal with this warrant business first then he's going to advise me what to do with the other debts i owe. I can't see much point appealing or applying for any set asides or whatever for the court case anymore because i don't see how can i appeal a defence that was wrong in the first place. I'm a bit l
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