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  1. It's an old catalogue debt, had been managing fine - but split up with ex and couldn't continue to pay. Ihave no problem paying what I owe, which they should know given I do pay for said catalogue debt.
  2. Well they sent a letter with an amount on - which was more than I owed, I emailed them with proof that I was paying the debt I do have and with the correct amount. They then replied saying it was a different debt owed to three. So I replied to say that I had no knowledge of the debt and that I didn't believe it was mine. That was the reply I got. they told me to pay it or prove fraud. I hadn't mentioned fraud just simply that I did not owe the money.
  3. I have disputed a debt, because I don't owe the money. It's apparently a mobile bill. I have another debt with this DCA which I am paying...slowly, but I think they've messed up and assigned something else to my name. This is the response I have gotten: Alternatively, if you feel that you require further details for this debt we advise that a copy bill can be requested for this account from our client Lowell Group. Unfortunately a consumer credit agreement is not available for this balance as it relates to a telecoms account and therefore it is not covered by the Cons
  4. Pay them a £1 pcm or whatever you can afford. Do not let them bully you into stupid monthly amounts. They did that to me and I agreed to an unrealistic amount.Which just stressed me out that I couldn't meet those amounts. Don't speak to them on the phone, they are bullies. They probably won't take any action and that's a long way off. If you have been making regular payments doesn't matter if £1 or £10 they wouldn't really have a basis for action anyway. Just TELL them what you are paying and pay monthly.
  5. Hi Face, There are lots of more experienced people on this forum. But I can quickly tell you what I know. If you notice the wording is "if" "may" which means nothing. Do not worry about it. Do you actually owe the debt? If you don't you can send them a 'prove it" letter. They are chasing me for money I do not owe, I think it's because I do owe something else to one of their many 'clients' which I am paying off - very slowly!! They say it's up to me to prove fraud. It isn't, it's up to them to prove you owe this money. Hope that helps for now. If you search the forums will see lots of o
  6. All off!! Think they knew they didnt have a leg to stand on we've been repeatedly trying to them and they refused. I think I will SAR anyway. Just to be completely sure!! Don't trust these companies!
  7. Hello everyone! Quick update. After reading through other threads on the forum - I emailed Neil Chandler directly. I stated how many times I had tried to pay and that I requested interest frozen and all charges removed. I had an email from the customer excellence team. They told me one of my accounts had been sold to external debt collections, but they are going to recall it as I have been trying to pay. They accepted my offer of payment and took all charges off!! Whoo hoo!!
  8. It's such a shame for those in genuine need, and the stress of it all just exacerbates the condition.
  9. Then they are incriminating themselves with that letter, i thought everyone had the right to 'a private and family life'.
  10. I do know someone who worked doing the assessments. She told me once that she could not give someone enough points - even though she knew he needed them. I work in mental health and have supported appeals for those with severe and enduring mental illness. I do wonder if from the assessors side there is any room for interpretation?
  11. Hi OP. When you as therapy do you mean IAPT? You can self refer for this. Unfortunately these medicals seem to be more aimed at physical problems, my aunt had to have a medical a few years ago and they made her do different physical things, she had to keep reminding them that she didn't have a physical problem. The assessment has changed since then, she had one 2 weeks ago and they didn't make her do all that.
  12. Thank you for this! I did look, suspect I couldn't see the wood for the trees!!
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