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  1. will try to get tomorrow CAB... hope they will advice me something...
  2. I received only Tuition fee loan- it had been paid directly in my Uni .... MY special support grant is still in process- even that I don't now will I receive it if I am not single parent anymore
  3. You should be able to claim housing benefit as a student parent. In the summer holidays, you can claim job seekers allowance. You'd also get a 25% council tax discount. NO, they said Housing benefit I could get only if I would be a single parent. They reduced my council tax from £159 to £ 130, it is not 25%.
  4. hi! When I started my degree I was single mum with one child. I received full financial help. After time I started live together with my partner and I become pregnant with my second baby. As full time student I cannot get any housing benefit- they said it is because I am not single anymore, even I have one 5y old baby and second on the way. Also I cannot claim Income support- because this type of benefit is only for single parents. I cannot get Job seekers allowance because I am student. I cannot get ESA, they said if I can study that mean I can also work. MY Child tax credit is in process for last 3 month. My husband is working- so he is paying £500 rent+ £140 council tax, + rest bills, car insurance and everything else and we cannot survive. We are in so bad situation, that WE Cannot afford to be together, bec when I was single at least I got some help... After baby I think I will go back to work, but anyway we need help at least for next 3 month... SO what you could advise? Thank you Bolton council said that It was MY DECISION TO MAKE RELATIONSHIPS ;(
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