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  1. Hi. Sorry yes they have and within 1 week of the judgement. All £3500 paid in full.
  2. Thats a shame. I thought it was from the court judgement date.
  3. Hi All, I had a CCJ against me from while a go. Can someone please advise when it comes off my credit file and public record? Is it from the date or the settlement date? Thank you very much. This is from Credit Expert
  4. Does this mean that this person in question now has a CCJ against them because of this?
  5. I believe they requested us to withdraw the demand. We agreed based on them paying out legal fees. They did not. So we didn't withdraw the demand but attended court yesterday to defend ourselves, I assume they were not there.
  6. My solicitor has been absolutely brilliant. Its a massive relief to have won. Although I knew their claim was Mickey Mouse to say the least i still had doubts. Its like when you're going through security at an airport., you know you don't have a bomb but it doesn't stop you acting like you do. its odd isn't it? What I'm now unsure about is what they can legally do to chase this "debt". How safe am I now? Can I stop worrying? If this ever went to court again could we use the fact that it was set aside as part of our defence?
  7. The case went ahead yesterday as they refused to pay our legal fees. My solicitor thought it would be best practice to see the case out as they clearly used the stat demand as a tool and then refused to pay my legal fees. The judge set aside the demand and awarded full costs to myself. I now have a court order against them for a 4 figure sum. Could someone please confirm whether they can legally chase me for the "debt" in the future? They sent my solicitor a letter saying that is wasn't the end of it and they wont give up on their claim. This entire case is wearing me down now.
  8. Oh I see. So we could hypothetically turn up to court for the hearing and if they didn't turn up surely they would award in my favour? Costs and the SD set aside meaning they couldn't apply for a SD for the same debt ever again? Surely that would be a better option?
  9. Thank you for the edit. One question. Now they have withdrawn the SD and owe me my legal fees. Can they now use another company to issue another SD costing me more money to get it set aside?
  10. It says: "a Enquiry Agent company, has made an inquiry against your credit report on 14/09/2012"
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