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  1. Thanks for the information, sorry for the delay in responding. I have tried to cancel my statements online but cannot find any means of doing it. I will certainly attempt to get the full payments back for the Signature account. thanks again to you both.
  2. I have written to the Yorkshire bank and asked them to stop sending me statements. I currently spend six months away from my home and did not like the idea of my bank statements going there. I also use the internet banking system and no longer need paper statements. As I did not receive any response to my letter I called into the local branch and made the request again only to be told that I have to have paper statements as it is a legal requirement. Does anyone know if this is true? I also requested that I cancel my signature account which costs me £12.50 per month, even though I don't have a mobile phone, car or need travel insurance! I was told that I would have to make an appointment with an advisor for them to go through it with me. I eventually rang my own branch which is miles away from my home to be told I could cancel it over the phone, when I said I had never needed this cover I was given two months refund. Maybe I should have stuck out for more?
  3. I have a personal loan that I had with Santander for £4200. When I lost my job due to an accident at work I was unable to make the payments. After speaking to them regarding my prombles in paying the loan, they agreed to freeze the interest and accept a payment of £1 per month which I have been paying now for three and a half years. I wrote to them three years ago to advise them of my change of address. I have now received a statement sent to my old address showing that interest is still being added to the account! I now owe £5120 and at the current payment of £1 per month will continue to ac-cur interest. Any information regarding how to deal with this would be appreciated.
  4. Our house is due to be repossessed after we both lost our jobs. Whilst we are no overly concerned at having to move out as we have been struggling to pay for utilities etc. for the last 5 years and to be honest it will be a relief. We are currently not in debt to any of our utility companies. My concern is that as the house now has negative equity will the mortgage company be able to apply for an attachment of earnings against our pensions when the house is sold. My husband has a small private pension and we will both qualify for our state pension later this year other than that we have not other income or savings. As we will have to rent a house I am worried that we will not be able to afford to live if the mortgage company can take our pensions.
  5. Thanks for the advice, Ford. I don't have a thread on this but will certainly start one, just need to work out how to do that without having the same post on the forum twice. I will definitely get back in touch with CAB who initially arranged the agreement with Santander three years ago.
  6. I also have had problems with Santander since they took our my Alliance-Leicester accounts. The first problem was my current account went overdrawn by £5. I immediately paid £25 into my account but they still continued to add charges until the account was £401 overdrawn. I contacted CAB and with there help the charges were cancelled. I then wrote to Santander closing my current account, which I had not used for 6 six months whilst the charges were sorted out. The account balance at that time was £0.00. Three months later I moved house and saw no necessity to advise Santander of this as I no longer had a bank account with them. Several months later I met with the new tenants of our property who advised me I had a visit from a debt collector, I contacted Santander who sent me a statement of account, via Westmore's showing an overdraft of £580. There was no movement on the account except overdraft charges on a zero balance. I wrote to Westmores explaining the situation and advising that any more harrassment and I would be contacting the Ombudsman. This was 2 years ago and have heard nothing else. My second problem with them was over a personal loan that I had with Santander for £4200. When I lost my job due to an accident at work I was unable to make the payments. They agreed to freeze the interest and accept a payment of £1 per month which I have been paying now for three years. I have now received a statement yet again at my previous address showing that interest is still be added to the account! I now owe £5120 and at the current payment of £1 per month will continue to ac-cur interest.
  7. We also have a mortgage with Future Mortgages, which is due to be repaid in September 2013. Within the last three years I have had an accident and work which resulted in my losing my job and my husband was made redundant. We are both now nearing retirement age and have been unable to keep up the mortgage payments for the last three months. We have struggled on my incapacity benefit and his small private pension which gives us an income of less than a £1000 per month. As a result of not being able to keep up the endowment insurance payments this has now lapsed and we are unable to pay the outstanding amount. We had hoped to sell the house and pay off the debt. We have not yet been informed that they have sold the debt but are extremely worried. We think that we may have a buyer but if the offer is below the outstanding mortgage what do we do? We have had to move out of the house as we are unable to pay the high cost of heating and community charge and are presently staying with relatives. Any advice would be very welcome.
  8. Many thanks, Honeybee 13 for the links. Will look into it now.
  9. My husband and I are considering retiring to Greece. I will be in receipt of my state pension in May this year and he will receive his in September. He also has a small private pension from a former employer which he receives now. Can anyone throw any light on the income tax situation if we decide to retire abroad? I have tried reading the HMRC information sheets but am even more confused now. Do we pay tax on our State Pensions in the UK? Will he then have to pay tax on his private pension to the Greek tax office? When we we're working I seem to remember that we were able to transfer some of our tax code to the person with the greater income, does this still apply and wonder best how we can minimise our tax liability. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks Tuttle for the advice but I was really looking for something a bit more constructive, lik the legal implications and what would happen after repossession.
  11. Its a four bedroomed detached house. Once our family home but now only the two of us. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. My husband and I currently have an interest-only mortgage with Future Mortgages which ends in September 2013. Both of us had good jobs but 2007 I had a bad fall at work and eventually lost my job as I was unable to sit at a computer all day. I am still on Incapacity Benefit and Industrial Accident benefit. In 2008 my husband was made redundant as was told by the Jobcentre that he was wasting his time looking for employment. As my husband had a small private pension he took this early to try to continue paying our bills. As a result of this we were told we did not qualify for any benefits as we had £10 a month too much coming in. Our endowment insurance turned out not to be worth the paper it was written on and due to our lack of finances we were unable to pay it. Our mortgage is now due to be settled with an outstanding amount of £250,000. We believed that we would be able to sell the house and repay the debt with no problem as it was valued at £300,000 two years ago. It is now worth less than the mortgage. We have considered handing the keys back to the mortgage company but do not know what the consequences would be, We could try to sell the house at below its value and still owe the outstanding balance. As we will both be on state pension next year I don't know how we will ever be able to repay this. Any advice would be most welcome.
  13. Many thanks for all the advice. Will request a copy of the signed contract as Spamheed suggests and see how we go from there.
  14. Yes I have the readings and so does the letting agent from when the previous tenants moved out.
  15. I moved into a rental property in July 2012 and signed up with EDF for my electric and gas supply. Two months later I received a letter from Utilities Warehouse telling me that as the previous tenants had signed up to their service, they were responsible for my account until it was moved to EDF, which they advised will not be until the end of October. I have since been sent an estimated bill, which shows an estimated reading for the gas but nothing at all for the electricity, although they are making a charge for it! They also stated that Septembers bill is overdue even though we have not had one. As I have not yet fully moved and am at presently only using a fridge and lights, no TV and only use a microwave to heat up food the bill of £138.97 seems somewhat excessive for a month. Has anyone else had dealings with this company and how can they be supplying my services if I have never heard of them. I apologize if I sound somewhat naive but this is my first house and my first experience of the bills that come with it. I thought that sorting out a supplier immediately would make life easier!
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