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  1. 2 months ago I bought a 6 month old audi estate for £31,000. I have fully comp insurance, full no claims discount and GAP Insurance. Last week I was stationary in traffic on a motorway and a lorry hurtled into me at 60mph. Thank god for German engineering otherwise I would not be here today. Although I now have ongoing neck and back pain which is being investigated. However the problem now is my insurers. The car was completely stoved in at the back and back doors would not shut and chassis bent. The insurers want to repair the car. Their approved bodyshop is so far up to £15,000 worth of repairs which they say they will do and then run engine and front of car checks which will no doubt entail more expense as the covers popped off front seats and there is internal damage at front. They have given me an equivalent courtesy car at a cost to them of £9,000 per month. I have been told that my car will be out for repairs for at least 6-8 weeks. meaning £18,000 in courtesy car charges for them in addition to the £15,000+ car repair costs. Surely the car should be written off in these circumstances! I have no wish to drive it again once repaired and will put on the market the day it is returned to me. Which leads me to another question. Loss of value. When I come to sell the car can I claim for loss of value. I might not be posting on right section of the forum so if someone can suggest another place let me know Thanks for all the advice
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