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  1. Hi I have been getting harassed nonstop by MMF - regarding a debt which I settled via MacKenzie Hall for a Wageday Advance debt. The debt was paid off 2 years ago - incurred due to moving house and new bank card / account etc - and eventually the debt for a payday loan was cleared with MacKenzie Hall. I have a screenshot and emails to substantiate this. MMF are now chasing me for additional charges on top of this it seems...........of over £120! I have asked them to substantiate the debt and all they have done is provide some numbers - which does refer to the sum that I
  2. They have also changed solicitors - from their own in house representative/debt manager to a solicitor. What does this mean??
  3. Hi all I firstly wanted to say thank you so much for all your kind advice. I have had a problem in that my laptop literally blew up and have only just managed to get a new one sorted! So, am back on here right away. But seriously, thank you very very much. I appreciate you all taking the time to write - you didnt need to and I appreciate it. So then, update - filled in the form, submitted it with payment, and managed to get an Application to set aside hearing. This is within days. But not all good for me it seems.... The DCA have since sent a copy of their credit agreement
  4. Sorry folks - can anyone give me even any further advice what to do? Any advice really will be appreciated.
  5. Firstly, my congratulations on having a cancel button so near to the post button..........hence, an hour of typing lost down the drain. AAAAARGH!!!! Hee hee. Ok, so thanks Debbs. The address on the literature from the court was apparently correct. So, no contest against that - even though I couldn't get through to Northampton County Court as the phones were either unanswered or engaged. However, I took a lot of advice from the National Debtline who were really helpful. I spoke to them before and after speaking to Robinson Way who were reasonably professional but didn't seem to have a clue
  6. Hi there Yes, it has come direct from the Court; so I should ask the Court to send these out. Ok, many thanks for that! nortellini
  7. Hi all First time on here. Have had a few ups and downs with my finances in previous years but have been trying to get on track for some time now. Haven't felt the need to unburden myself - but I have a massive problem, and I am just in a state of shock, and would welcome any advice that may be forthcoming. I have received today, dated the 25th July, a Judgement for Claimant form in Northampton County Court. The debt is for £2,469.35 for debt, £155 costs, and to be honest I don't even know what it is for! There is no detail. There is no explanation, and I have no idea what thi
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