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  1. Had a phone call from Mr Thomas, Lloyds have settled full claim + 8% stat interest, no-one said anything about confidentiality so I'll tell the world, overjoyed!!!! He also said they had retained a barrister to represent them who would be attending court tomorrow because "there are other cases". Thank you Jenny have stolen your letter to court seeking delay for 1 week for funds to clear which I'm off to drop in now. Good luck to all remaining on the list - I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow. Koko
  2. Sorry Giveitback I haven't had time - Lloyds hearing on Feb 7th. Will get round to it soon I promise! Koko
  3. Dixie: The AQ MAY not be necessary but don't take my word for it speak to the court. The Court "forgot" to notify me that Lloyds entered a defence back in November and therefore I never received an AQ. They have told me that the AQ isn't necessary as long as I send in the CMIS which I delivered personally last Monday. They're really helpful if you ring them up they'll give you the correct advice. Anyone else: Has anyone settled with Lloyds yet, when I spoke to sechi et al last week they said an offer letter would be with me this week, it hasn't come so just wondered what experiences other
  4. OK Give, looks like I have some typing to do, no scanner at the mo!
  5. Nope, not heard anything apart from the transfer notification, no defence, no AQ to fill in, nada. I must admit to letting real life take over for the last month, christmas, children and all that. Will ring them tomorrow. Thanks for your speedy reply! Koko
  6. Have been AWOL for a couple of months, lots of normal life interferring with my internet time! Ah well here's an update! Claim Issued 30th Oct 2006 Claim No 6LS10505 Service Acknowledged 7th Nov 2006 Case Transferred to Mercantile Court 7th Nov 06 New Claim No 6LS40694 (but paperwork to tell me this is dated 7th Dec 06) Hearing Date set for 7 Feb 2007 NO DEFENCE HAS BEEN ENTERED So if anyone out there knows where I stand please let me know. I was just about to apply for a judgement due to lack of defence when I received the transfer notification, I guess I should ring th
  7. What order they apply your payments to different items is irrelevant. The fact is that the charges are unlawful, they deceived you into paying them, had the charges not been applied, your payments would have reduced your balance further, eg. Statement £100 of which £20 is a charge. You pay £50 and are left with a balance of £50 which they charge interest on. Had they not applied the charge the remaing balance would have been £30 thus accumulating proportionally less interest. Hope this helps. Koko
  8. What time frame did they give in their letter to respond to your complaint fully? Would this be seen as reasonable by a court, if so you could drop them a little letter thanking them for theirs and confirming the date you expect to hear back from them, then they know you haven't gone away, but be wary of pushing too hard in case you're seen as being unreasonable. If they didn't give you a timeframe they should have - according to the FSA (see FSA) rules on complaints procedures in which case you could write and tell them this. The process is more complicated than for unlawful charge
  9. I knew my posts were too long everyone fell asleep after the first few lines!!! Me, yes I'm going after ppi. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/store-cards/31276-koko-marks-spencer.html If PPI was forced on you complain, they aren't allowed to do this, and if you can prove it, ask for it all back plus compound interest. Koko
  10. Thank you so much. I'm already a frequent visitor to the FSA website, I'll reread the FOS one during daylight hours. My first loan was taken our in 1997 then refinanced a further four times. I have the last agreement but not the third which is the one I'm particularly interested in so have already done a cca request (as well as SAR). The terms and conditions on their website now will be different to the ones applied to all my agreements as the FSA so helpfully point out PPI policies before 1995 were unregulated products so I'll have to wait and see what they come up with. I'm lucky in a way as
  11. Hi Keith Any chance you could post a few more details we're all really interested as there are a few of us just starting out. Good Luck with the FSO. Koko
  12. Hi You can add 8% interest to your claim persuant to s69 etc when you file your court papers. It is payable from the date of the offence (ie the date of each charge to the date you receive the money (not the date you settle your claim). I don't know anything about the scottish system did you pay a fee to file your papers? If so you should ask for this back too. have a read through this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/1777-mjanet-lloyds-unconditionally.html?highlight=confidentiality for confidentiality help. Koko
  13. Oooohhh I'm so jealous I would love a phone call like that! It sounds like they've maybe added PPI without your agreement or something equally sinister which will show up when you see your SAR info. My first question would be "why are M&S so desperate to settle?" My second question would be "how can I come to a mutual agreement without seeing the information they have obviously looked at and decided a mutual agreement is necessary, therefore I don't know why I'm agreeing to it?" OK you can phrase this one a lot better than that but you get the idea yes? Update your thread w
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