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  1. @ericsbrother, thanks. We have found a number and contacted them think its the highways agency who have given my son a reference number, they will check the date and time of the offence and see what the variable speed limit was at that time of day. Apparently, as soon as he spoke to them they knew it was re a ticket - sounds like they get quite afew calls. . Both him and his gf say they did not see any lights on the gantry stating a 50 mph limit. As they said as its a variable speed limit it changes depending on the traffic situation at different times of the day. Hopefully, we should hear something in the next few weeks.
  2. Thanks Yes lettersent off same day he received it. Never committed any offence before. Hopefulyl then they will give him the choice and im sure he woudl rather pay £100 and do a course rather than getr points on his licence
  3. Thanks, so does the SAC/DAC cost? i suppose they make thier minds up what they feel your punishment is. know my local area A2 has a 50mph limit and often people go far faster. I know i follow traffic and most usualy do 52-56, yes there are a few that do way over that, but to a certain extent you have to keep up with other traffic. I did lok up an RAC link i foudn on antoher thread on here and it did mention that as he was 12 mph over it could be a ban of 7-28 days Hope not otherwise he could loose his job and he is still in training. So once he has filled in and sent off te Intention to Prosecute letter ( H084/18/0088 ) what happens next? not that he has mentioned! think he was just trying to get to airport for a short break and obvs not thinking about the road. he had bene working way from home for 6 months so probalby has his mind elsewhere His work van has a thing on it so he can only do a speed of XXX so i know its not an excuse but hes not driven his car for such a long time. he probably didnt realise
  4. Hi my son just received the above letter from Essex Police. Location was M25 Epping nr M/Post 5563b anti clockwise on a special road ( namley M25) between J23-27. at 12;42 on 4th May he was doing 62 in 50. He was driving and on his way to Luton Airport. I asked him about his speed and he said he was following the speed of other cars on the road. He also (assumed) that the M25 was a 70mph. To be honest,do many of us actually check our speed if we know we are doing less than 70.Its not an area he knows, and also i know ive probably driven up that part of M25 but cant say i took notice of any signs on side of the road. So any advice on what they might do. will it be points, D A C or a ban? he is worried due to driving a co van for a living.
  5. so basically more form filling complications and stress for all involved.which goes to prove that life means nothing. Thanks for the link will check it out!
  6. no thatgot taken away when he was reassessed at 16 basically your an adult and dont need as much care and his mobility needs were less - thats their attitude. We lost everything and i had to fight. Before he was 16 we had both at the higher rate for life - life as a child means until your 16, then at 16 your an adult and we had to be reassessed. I lost the appeal and got MRC and no mobility and appealed again and won the HRC and the LRM = after that and fighting for 2 yrs i was mental drained myself. Even as a young child i had to fight and go to appeals but i had a very good case worker from the C A B that was training to be a lawyer - he won us the Higher rates for life. No one tells you that life only means the life of a child and not that the life from child to adult!
  7. well thats it if we had to park say at the other end of the packed car park and walk thro all the cars or lane where cars come down a) he wont think to look for them and b) car drivers would see him bib and thats it the loud noise would freak him out he would ( possibly) put his hand over his ears and just run! He is scared of balloons - they go bang as for fireworks, well you can imagine!! In his world a car will see you and stop! IF Only!!!!! problem is they ask you a question and im to daft and answer wrongly because i say we dont let that happen, instead of saying yes it could. Suppose i have always been over protective with him and even now i hold his hand where there are cars traffic or roads, people say im not letting him be independant - im his mother and cant help but worry and look after him. So yes stupid as i answer truthfully - but i know that doesnt get you anywhere when we are talking form filling and assesments
  8. hi my son is 22 and has had a badge since he was a child. However its due to expire soon. I contacted the people who deal with it in my area and have been told he will no longer quialify. she would not send me a form but said we should go to library or council office to get, he gets HRC and LRM But suffers with autism learning disabilty etc. We have recently changed GPs since we moved about a yr ago and they have never seen my son - hes not ill as such. we do not use the badge that often but his treat is to go to the cinema so we like to park to the closest enterance for his sake due to traffic cars noise etc. the ladies attitude was well he can walk unaided so hes not entitled!! she was not interested in his mental health issues or the danger he could cause to himself in a situation.
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