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  1. That was quick! I only just tabbed it down and got an email saying you had posted, thanks! You're not on the Noddle payroll are you!!!!!!!
  2. I had a look on Noddle, got to putting my card details in, thought I better do a search on these guys first and on moneysupermarket and other places people having £12 taken on their cards, don't need my credit card info to identify me anyway, I'll email them first but doesn't look as free as free means.
  3. I'm always dubious about making contact, as if it confirms something to them, that I am here etc when currently they have no idea who they are messaging or rather who they intend to message is in fact still at that number. Your wording reads ideal to me so I think I will send them a letter, question is can I write to them without being threatening myself, that's a hard one but I will try. We have a truecall system on it's way, that asks people to press a button so we know it is a person before our phone rings through to us, it records 140 hours of calls you can download to your pc an
  4. Hi all, I keep getting text messages to my business landline, I checked the number and it appears to be this joker. I've already complained to the solicitor ombudsman. Staff and I have taken calls, long pause and then an automated message, starting off with call before you go to court, to you are now going into court today, to when they text to say they have put a CCG against me today. They have never written to me, neither has anyone else claiming I owe them money, which makes sense as I owe no-one nothing. Who the heck are they causing all this worry across the land, I wish they we
  5. How on earth do you start a new topic on here? Need to watch a video to know how to start a post, first ever for that, I want to chat about this company too with their stupid texting of my landline with escalating threats, how do I do that?
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