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  1. I rang them today and the claim has been accepted and payment put into process. A weight off for me now was worried sick about money. It's hard not to get stressed about things like this, roll on my divorce!
  2. I will, i shall let you know the out come, i also have a letter here from my rent office stating they are willing to wait for payment but would like to point out that tax credits are there to reduce child poverty and help working parents and this situation is not helping, they said they have lots of tenants coming to them in similar situations regarding tax checks, im surprised or is that im just naive......i can ask m y ex for help but its the principle of it all, i would really just like to be independent
  3. Still no word from them im going to ring them tomorrow i have got £47 child benefit tomorrow to last me till the next £47 next tuesday :/ is there anyway i can get a payment from them even if it is just the basic child tax element for shopping?
  4. I suppose its just part of the procedures only i feel that they shouldn't leave you with zero payments times are hard enough, wish there was a quicker way of doing all this.
  5. That's my plan i'll await posty and see if anything comes and then ring, i haven't had a txt from my former partner and i know if he had of received any correspondence he would get in touch with me. I have read some worrying posts on here and wonder what they delve into but to be honest its not something i actually considered i just did things as they needed doing i am also wondering if the joint award has been ended 25/12/2011 is this acceptance of me putting a single claim in, why would they have action-ed that on the joint claim? or is it just procedure? Thanks for your advice
  6. That award letter arrived and then the office telephoned the next day saying "we have all your papers here and can i have an address for your ex husband" i did not ask at that point i became slightly confused as it sounded as though there is more to be done. i have had no contacted from them now since thursdays telephone call.
  7. can i add also that i have received an award letter ending my joint claim form 25/12/2011 and an overpayment of £3600 but nothing about a new single award i am confused why they have ended the claim on that date?
  8. Hi there hoping for a bit of positive advice. On Christmas day me and my ex hubby ended our marriage, he left and had no where perm to sleep, sometimes family sometimes friends etc, we had joint account, i still was able to get bills paid etc. May 19th he found perm living arrangements, we began changing things over and he removed all his belongings. As it came to annual declaration i rang up and did it all at once, declared 2011 - 2012 and informed of separation. A telephone call came a week later saying they had received my single claim and could they ask why? I told them i have p
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