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  1. Rang head office, I was paid up until the 30th on the 24th so I actually owed them money! They gave me a tax return and took what I owed and paid me the balance that was left. Merry Christmas!
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. I suspect after reading your message that they must pay for the whole month, as it would make more sense with what has happened. Am not sure if the account date is actually the 10th (I was only there 3 months as hated the job:)) so I can't be sure, I just know our time sheets had to be in on the last day of the month but they did give a couple of days grace as it's shift work. To further complicate matters though, I actually left on the 18th November but my official leave date was 26th as they owed me 1 weeks holiday. Now neither my November or December paysli
  3. Hi, I am a bit confused with my final wage from previous employer and wondered if someone could offer any help. I get paid on the 24th of every month. The cut off date is the 10th, I am on NMW. I left employment on the 26th November. So I was expecting 2 weeks money on the 24th December, however I received my payslip and I have only been paid 124 when I was expecting around 350. On looking at the figures in the deductions column it says 'tax paid' -198.40. Under the additions column is 'basic adjust' 125.14 which is a pound or so short of what they have credited to my bank account.
  4. My husband is soon to become self employed, he will still be employed through a company though, he is currently paying 264 pcm to the ex via a private based arrangement, obviously we dont know if at first, we can afford to keep paying this amount as its likely to be tough to build up business. Do we still have to pay this set amount? Although its a private arrangement the ex still forced him through the CSA to do the calculation only. and we pay her direct to her bank. Please dont advise talking to the ex, they are not on speaking terms and she wants to screw him for every penny she can
  5. I know this thread is kind of old but i just wanted to update on account of receiving the newsletter about taking companies to court, - we did win our case in the end and they settled out of court, they first offered us £1,200 which we refused on advice from our solicitor, they then offered £1,750 which we gladly accepted, they didnt however admit in writing that they had sold us a dud car and they prohibited us from naming them in any way on social media as part of the deal. The money did put the car right like it should have been in the first place, so people stick to your guns and fight fo
  6. No, not in a union unfortunately Sabresheep, probablies should be! Been in to work today and nobody wants to be named on a greivance, so looks like they will get away with it. To add insult to injury, we have also just found out that we are not getting time and a half for working a 12 hour shift on boxing day as its not the actual bank holiday as it has been moved to the Monday the 28th due to it falling on a Saturday. Alot of people in on the boxing day are not in on the Monday so its a bit hard to swallow tbh, any thoughts on this.
  7. Ahhh right thankyou Obiter, it says on the gov.uk website that the HMRC can issue the employer with an NOu (notice of underpayment) but i dont know if it will apply in this case or how to get the ball rolling as they will be paying the increased rate from November. It also says you can go back 6 or 7 years to recoup monies of nonpayment so it will be a tidy amount to each worker they have shafted if we can get it back.
  8. I have been scouring the net looking for info on this issue but i literally cant find anything so hope someone can help! The NMW increase to 6.70 on 1st Oct is not being paid by my employer untill November, it seems wrong to me. So I asked for an explanation from them last year and the reason i got was ' we are midway through a payment cycle and it cant be changed' I wasnt happy but i did let it slide, however the same thing is happening this year and Im not letting it slide again. To clarify, the effective date is 1 Oct, i get paid 4 weekly, i am due to get paid tomorow (26th)
  9. Hi, i am looking for some information and i cant really find any for my particular situation. In September 2013 i started work for a company and signed a temporary contract for 9 months. At interview i made it clear i was really looking for a permanent job. I was told by the boss that he had to justify to the board the taking on of any perm people and this was not available at that time, fair enough I said. So i was of the opinion that no perm contracts were available. After a meeting with the boss around January he verbally assured me a long term sick was not coming back and th
  10. I note with interest that four 'Recruiters' working for A4E are being charged and have pleaded guilty to, swindling the tax payer and dwp, fraud and also forgery today! Wonder when they will get around to the Ingeus 'Recruiters' ...........
  11. Well the bank overdraft saga is over, spoke to them today and had to reapply for my overdraft which thankfully was approved! Cant say im over the moon as been in bits for weeks about this, and quite unnecessarily as it now turns out. I had applied for a consolidation loan last week to pay my few bits of debt off including the OD but I was declined so I was feeling quite desperate. My new bank have accepted all our I.D documentation now so just waiting for our cards and details to come through so I will still be changing and I have definately learnt a valuable lesson that this debt needs to
  12. Yeah it was very strange but the lady i spoke to from halifax compaints mentioned there could of been a change of circs with us and that they wouldnt know if this had happened. I asked her like what, and she came back with you could of lost your job or been divorced!! I couldnt believe it so i asked her if , on the offchance I may have been deivorced recently thrn they could then justify taking the OD away and she said maybe. I told her none of those things applied to me, and if anything, there is more money going through the account now than there ever has been. I have had my car hp since
  13. Yeah i will do that today, thankyou for your time and i will keep you updated. I think even if they reinstate the overdraft on the first of feb(which i have been told by the lady that rang me back after my first complaint they may well do) i will be just as mad as if they dont, after putting us through this stress for weeks worrying how we are going to manage, yes pigs - agreed!
  14. Thanks for your reply Bankfodder. We have held the account for 5 years this month. I cant actually remember how the overdraft escalated tbh, i think we started off with 1k and we got it increased to 2.5 about a year after acc opening, this was just a button we pressed on online banking and it was done! We have paid 600 of it back to them and the OD is standing just below 2k at 1,900 right now. Last year i think it was, they sent out a letter saying that overdrafts over 2k would incurr a 2 pound per day charge whereas below 2k would incur a 1 pound per day charge. We got it under 2k pronto
  15. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice about halifax and them withdrawing a 2k overdraft on a joint account. I received a letter from them as my yearly overdraft review was due (it has been approved every Jan since account opened 5 years ago) stating that they are withdrawing my OD as it has 'expired', the withdrawl letter was dated 6 jan, and i recieved it on 10 Jan, saying the withdrawl will take place on 1 feb. I rang them straight away and was told that they are not willing to discuss the matter untill the overdraft has lapsed. Also they dont have to give a reason why. I then wrote an
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