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  1. I've called up Santander explaining everything and they have refunded me
  2. I was at london bridge when it happened and assumed transport for london were incharge of london's transport...if not then sorry for my ignorance. And ive tried complaining to southern rail but can find no way of doing so and have absolutely no idea how I would go about complaining to them- that's why i made this post
  3. I don't think you understand what I've said, on the 24th the incident happened where I was fined- they hadnt taken any money yet. Then 2 weeks later than that they took £20 rightfully, then 3 months later they took a further £25 which they shouldnt have taken.
  4. PAID ITEM FEE CARD PAYMENT TO NEW SOUTHERN RAILW,20.00 GBP, RATE 1.00/GBP ON 24-05-2013 It says £20 but they actually took 25. And they had already taken £20
  5. Someone please help me coz this whole thing is really unfair. I am on jsa so have hardly any money anyway without being robbed like this. I got a fine from Southern Rail of £20 a few months ago, and they asked for my bank details, saying they would take the £20 in 2 weeks time. which they did. Then a few months later, I find they have taken a further £25. I have no idea what to do about this, I've tried complaining to tfl but they said it's out of their hands and gave me a totally useless website that had no way of complaining. And ofcourse this put me in unarranged overdr
  6. so can anyone help with what i should put in a letter? sorry to ask again but I honestly don't know what to do seen as they won't let me have a repayment plan and I can't just ignore it :/
  7. oops i posted the same one from NDR twice but basically the 2nd email said the same thing but with the amount of 432
  8. Ok this is what i got from MH this morning at 11: We are writing to give you formal notice that Speed Credit - Speed Credit Loan** has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt. YOU WILL HAVE OR WILL SHORTLY RECEIVE A HOME VISIT We intend to pursue you fully for all outstanding sums (GBP 968) including any fees we incur collecting this debt. Payment in full must be received no later than 17:00 to avoid further door collection fees being added to your file. DO NOT IGNORE
  9. they are crazy though, they each say i owe different amounts and I'm in repayment plans of paying something by midnight and only telling me today
  10. No Joseph Green from NDR sent me that letter. And a letter would be great thanks very much you can post it on here or pm I don't mind.All 3 are chasing me up and each of them have harrassed me today: NDR, Toothfairy and MH bailiffs. but no email that doesnt look like it isnt written by a computer since joseph greens email from ndr about a week ago.
  11. I've told them Im on benefits and offered them a repayment plan of 50 pounds a month adding to the total of the loan amount plus 3 months interest (which is 348 i believe). i said i refused to pay any other charges. Then they refused so i offered only 30 pound a month. this is what "joseph green" sent to me most recently "Thank you for your email. You signed a legally binding contract whereby you received a loan in exchange for promising repayment in a specific period of time at a specific interest rate. The company fulfilled its part of the contract. The interest and charges which h
  12. i've explained to them several times that I know my rights about the doorstep collector situation and they still bombard me with threats of MH bailiffs. I can't have anyone round because I can't have my parents find out at all costs!
  13. got a weird reply from speedcredit: I am sorry to hear that you have a complaint about the service you have received. The company attempts to treat its customers fairly in all circumstances and I apologise if you believe the service you have received falls short of your expectations in any way. I have been asked to respond to your complaint. In the first instance, please accept this email as acknowledgment of your complaint. I have attempted to contact you by telephone to discuss the matter and it is important that we speak. Hopefully we will be able to resolve the complaint within
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