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  1. Thanks all for the quick replies. They did say that they would honour the policy if I had an accident. I'll attempt to query the calculation and see what they say. I will report back to keep you informed. Thanks again.
  2. Hi All, I've been directed here by a good friend. I am having an issue with Admiral Car insurance and am hoping you all can advise me on what to do. A couple of years ago I had just started a new job and got given a company van. In my first week I was pulled over by police when going into Clacket Lane services as they were doing spot checks and told me I had two illegal tyres. They only fined me for one but also gave me penalty points for it as well. Because I was a bit naive I didn't think I had to say that I had points on my licence because of a work van I didnt declare them. However its only this year where my sister has just come back from travelling that she advised me that my insurance was void if I didnt declare them so I did. Admiral have said that because this happened two years ago and I didn't declare them before that I am liable for a back-dated charge for the previous two years which comes to £309.66. I actually cancelled my renewal after this as I hunted around and got a lot cheaper quote, but they are now saying that I am still liable for this charge. I know I am more than likely the guilty party here, but I just wanted to check if I do have to pay or not. Many thanks in advance for your help, Luke
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