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  1. Which group is your wife in - either Work Related Activity Group or Support Group? I know about the deprivation for Pension Credit but not sure if they care for DWP benefits.
  2. I am aware of this but what I was trying to say is that the OP will already have the disability premium on his claim as his |Income Support award takes into account his wife's DLA and ESA. But for ESA she will get an extra amount for the group she is in and if ESA stops then she will lose that so they may actually be worse off.
  3. I think you need to go to a CAB or Advice Centre and ask for a better off calculation. If your wife stops her ESA claim and you put her on your claim then you will lose her WRAG or Support Group element which is between £30-£35 per week (depending on the group she is in)
  4. I suggest you decide where you want to love and then look at that Local Authority's website to see what the maximum amount of help you would get. The rates for the amount payable is set once a year. Then they should also have a calculator to work out how much you are entitled to based on your wages. There is point renting a house for £500 per month if Housing Benefit would only cover a maximum of £350 (if you were on JSA, ESA etc) otherwise you will have a massive amount to top up. Is your job transferring with you? If not then you will need to think about claiming JSA if you ar
  5. If you claim PIP (previously DLA) as your condition is clearly quite disabling then that would allow you to get the disability element of Working Tax Credit. No one has to work more hours than they can physically cope with - you need to find ways of reducing your outgoings so you can afford to survive on less wages. I am not sure that you will win at appeal as the award notices clearly state the disability premium as part of the make up of your award and we all know that you should read your award notice thoroughly. It is your responsibility to check if everything is correct.
  6. The letter to say they will write shortly is just a standard letter - they send the originals back as quickly as possible but the actual assessing takes time. I am not 100% sure what they will do about the new childminder - you normally only have 4 weeks to report a change, if you don't they won't accept the information unless it is in their favour. The thing is you cannot change it now so stop worrying - the worst that will happen is you will have an Overpayment and have it deducted back out of your award.
  7. If you had no earnings for the year and were not self-employed then you do not need to inform HMRC of anything. For last year they will just have you down as £0 income with £0 tax paid.
  8. Hi mercury Have you had a letter from HMRC or has this just been playing on your mind? What other benefits do you claim?
  9. Usually the DWP write to you and send a form asking you to clarify your situation and they will then assess you for incoem based ESA.
  10. If you gave up worki and moved on to ESA then you are only entitled to the WTC run on for 4 weeks - the 28 week figure is if you are off sick, receiving SSP and still employed. As soon as other benefits come in to it you are not entitled to WTC. I think your OP is from a different period. Make sure you get this sorted asap as Tax Credits can now deduct from benefits so although you are saying you cannot afford to pay it back they will just take it off your ESA @ £10.65 per week.
  11. I think you should ask for it to be assessed using notional offset - you will have to provide info on his earnings for the tax years they are looking at. If you owe thousands then nothing can be done about it - to be honest it is the not knowing that is the worry for loads of people - once they know what they owe they can arrange to pay it back. Some people on other threads have owed £30k+ and they are paying back £50 per month. In an ideal world you would clear the debt as quickly as possible but if you don't have the money they have to take what you can afford to pay.
  12. Hi Mrst1 Stop panicking - it will all work itself out in the end. The penalty of £1800 you received is an admin penalty which is worked out at 30% of the total overpayment. Please bear in mind that the admin penalty incurs interest at 3% so make sure this is paid off before the overpayment otherwise the £1800 will be much much more. If you speak to Overpayments they will claim that you have to pay them as much as the admin penalty are getting but you don't. You could try asking for notional offset which is where they look at the situation as it was to see if the Overpayment
  13. Did you see this nik1ki? http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits/start/claiming/income-hours/work-out-hours.htm It does say there about what makes up your hours? If you are not happy with the Overpayment have you appealed the decision (not just asked for it to be looked at again)? Compliance make up the rules as they go along. Once you have appealed if they don't agree it has to go to Tribunal and they look at all the facts etc - much better IMO.
  14. The DWP will not be there unless the letters says they will. Do we know for sure it is about the partner - did they confirm this? The fact it is HB/CTB only implies that maybe there is a problem with the tenancy - who is your landlord? Or maybe they are going to treat your ex as a non-dependent (someone above said this) which is why they haven't involved DWP.
  15. Maybe they genuinely don't know - maybe it is a system error. If you were being investigated by compliance they will tell you and give you the number to ring so it isn't that. If you are short of money you need to find out about the local welfare assistance scheme in your area (no longer have crisis loans) and ask them for a food parcel etc.
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