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  1. The light cost £50, usually most manufacturers I have dealt with have been very helpful better than the stores but not this one. Seems strange that they advertise that it is guarenteed for 3 years to attract customers to buy their products but when you try and claim on it they dont want to know.
  2. hi I bought a security light from an independant online retailer which offered the best price online, I e-mailed beforehand to check the product was OK and met with great customer service. Went ahead and purchased the light. 11 months down the line the light failed and because its an LED type unable to replace the bulb. I felt relieved as it came with a 3 year warrenty. I e-mailed British General to explain what had happend and for advice but there was never any response to my e-mails i rang them and was told that these lights breaking was a c
  3. thanks Marie I will e-mail you later on tonight thanks
  4. thanks I was thinking that, woiuld business of it of PDCS if they want further information then they should ask scottish power, afterall it is SP that have delegated it to them, if they wont give PDCS this information then they shouldnt be asking it from me. I have checked my credit file and it is clean BTW
  5. Hello all, this is my first post but need to ask you for my advice. Over a year ago I rented out my house to a tennant at short notice. I had previosuly just changed energy suppliers to scottish power but i had confirmed with them before the tenant moved in that I was not a customer yet and my previous supplier EDF was still supplying me. I rented it out via my letting agent have had not contact with the tennant. Last week a letter appeared on my doorstep a FORMAL DEMAND from PDCS acting on behalf of scottish power demanding over £70 in my name for energy used. I rang scottish
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