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  1. I assume the RSL - my m-i-l rang the highways dept of the local council, to be told that it wasn't them that was putting the hatching down. Dunno though - as the council used to own the property before a separate RSL was created, which was then 'sold' all the council properties in the city.
  2. Hi All, Your advice is needed please: my ma-in-law lives in a block of flats of mixed ownership (some purchased from the council, some privately rented, and others owned by the RSL that took over from the local council) - with garages underneath. She owns her flat, but rents a garage from the RSL. The garages are off the road, and underneath the flats; and (like most) my m-i-l's is full of stuff that the family have no room to store elsewhere, so we park in front of it. This does not impede access to anywhere in the block, and the garages are not in a car park. Last week we came home from shopping to find that the RSL had painted yellow cross-hatching on the area in front of all the garages, with white NO PARKING written in the hatching - no other signs, no consultation, no warning. When contacted, they informed my m-i-l that cars can only be parked in the garage, and not in front of it, but didn't say why. Am I correct in thinking that as this is not part of the highway, that this no parking is unenforceable in law? Surely Traffic wardens cannot book if you're not on the highway or on council owned land: so unless the RSL first puts up signs, and then employs its own parking attendants, my view is that surely this is all bluster and b******t? :-/ Thanks
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