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  1. Thanks for the response. My problem is that nothing has changed, because I still have not managed to obtain any of the items I need from any other source. I have no sofa, bed, cooker, fridge, carpets, wardrobe… I am still living on/out of boxes. My partner was not living with me, and I'd think 'separation' to mean two people who have been living together?
  2. Yes I know, thanks. I was waiting on the grant so I could go to a local furniture charity, as they still charge. Also, there is a long waiting list for white goods, and without a medical need I have no chance of obtaining a fridge from them. I regularly check websites for cheap or free items, but a community care grant would be the greatest help to me so I would really like to pursue it. Thanks, Louisa.
  3. If you use your mouse to highlight the post you can then read 'regards, magixoye'... that's about it.
  4. Hi, Please, if anyone can advise on this..? I really need some expert help, or if anyone has been in this situation before? It's a really lengthy post, sorry, but everything is a complicated mess, and I wanted to give all the information. I applied for a CCG on 12th July 2012 to help with costs for furnishing my flat, and with the help of Stockport Resettlement service and a floating support service. The CCG was refused outright, 14 items were declined for the following reason: 'we cannot consider an application for anything you have applied for within the last 26 weeks, if t
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