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  1. As I have pointed out in relation to women on war ships, on submarines, it is catastrophic, we have already had one skipper taken off a Trident submarine for having an affair with a female officers. (and yes he should have known better, especially as he was a married man, but then it takes two to tango.) The submarine episode was with a male skipper, Commander Stuart Armstrong and Sub Lt Rebecca Edwards. so let’s look at the other side a female skipper (on a warship), 'People will jump on this and say this is why women shouldn't be on ships': Admiral blasts first female commander of Navy warship over 'affair' with junior officer • Commander Sarah West has been flown back to UK following claims of affair • Former head of the Navy has said if the claims are true the trailblazing commander would have let down all female officers • Cdr West, who is divorced from a Navy helicopter pilot, is the first woman to command a frontline warship in the Navy’s 500-year history Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2706992/People-jump-say-women-shouldnt-ships-Admiral-blasts-female-commander-Navy-warship-affair-junior-officer.html#ixzz57fEWBL47 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Says it all really, give them their own ship that would sort it out, and it would also sort out the problem of female crew members getting pregnant. Which the Americans have from happening in the Royal Navy, its bad enough already.
  2. Going back to submarines, if you have women on board, during the course of a patrol that person could become ill, say with women’s problems for instants. Now submarines only carry one medic and that is a leading hand, so with women on board they would either have to be treated by him, or if the medic was female I am sure the blokes would be quite happy, but that would mean that every time there was a female on board, the medic would have to be female. So much for diversity.
  3. That's fine as the woman has consented to the search, but what would be your reaction if on completion of the search the woman complained that you touched her inappropriately, even if you had not, you know what they say were there's smoke there's fire. You would be in the soup whether you are guilty or not, because that's how things work today. It would be just your word against hers, who do you think they would believe, you or her, I know the answer to that one, and so do you. It would defiantly not be you.
  4. Brillient disgruntled2007, that's why to quality as a submariner the crew man has to pass part 3 of the submariners course, which is taken on board, and has to be taken every time, the crew man is drafted to a different class of boat. Read below this is one person who did not do his course:- On the 14 April 1945, the German submarine U-1206was ten miles off Peterhead in the North Sea. Captain Karl-Adolph Schlitt decided to go to the lavatory. What happened when he finished is a matter for debate. Captain Schlitt claimed that the toilet malfunctioned. The second, more widely reported version had it that the bashful Captain refused to call the crew member who had been trained in high pressure toilet use and instead had a go at flushing it himself. He got the order of valves wrong and found himself being showered with high pressure sewage and sea water which began flooding into the toilet compartment. By the time the valves had been shut, seawater was draining through the lavatory compartment into the battery room below. When the water came into contact with the battery acid it began forming highly toxic chlorine gas and Schlitt was forced to give the order to rise to the surface, whereupon the sub was spotted by a British aircraft and bombed. Schlitt was forced to scuttle his vessel, making his the only submarine ever to be sunk by its own toilet.
  5. The only notice I saw, was one in relation to how you flushed the toilet/heads, as to flushing it, was done with air pressure, and if you did it while sitting on it you could have ended up talking in a squeaky voice.
  6. I am the of the same opinion as you bro; I have no problem with homosexuals, but the operative word in your post is conduct. Liaisons should not be tolerated any more than liaisons between male and female crew members, where a no touch policy is in force on all ships, and has been since women were allowed to crew warships, “not that it always works.” as the Americans found to their cost. As far as their not being many homosexuals in the military, I would not know! as they never came out years ago, so we don't know, maybe the military keep records now on a persons sexuality?
  7. It just would not workout, can you imagine, one toilet with a notice outside saying make sure you put the seat down or you will be on a charge .
  8. Submarines are a different kettle of fish, and I am not going to go into too much detail in relation to them, but what I will say, is that sleeping accommodation is at a premium, hot bunking is not the norm but does happen occasionally. Below is a statement by Phillip Hammond in 2014, and as you will notice, all three of the female submariners, are officers, and junior officers at that, which would mean that the double bunk cabin would have to have one empty bunk, or another female officer, would have to be drafted to the submarine at the same time. And with all that you then have women only toilet facilities/showers, (for one woman?) there is also laundry facilities, washing of clothes is done in a laundrette by members of the ships company, which be could anybody i.e. a seaman, would they have to wash female underwear? As I have said in relation to women on war ships, on submarines, it is catastrophic, we have already had one skipper taken off a Trident submarine for having an affair with a female officers. (and yes he should have known better, especially as he was a married man, but then it takes two to tango as they say, and in a confined space for months at a time these things are bound to happen). No sea too deep for female submariners 05/05/2014 Three women have made history by becoming the first ever female submariners to serve in the Royal Navy, the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced today. After 110 years of the Silent Service, pioneering Lieutenants Maxine Stiles, Alex Olsson and Penny Thackray have become the first women to serve onboard a Vanguard class submarine. Following months of specialised training, all three women have earned their Dolphins, the coveted clasp which is a hard won and much prized symbol of a submariner. During the rigorous training, previously only undertaken by men, the three female officers conducted operations on submarine HMS Vigilant learning how to run the complex systems onboard that keep our country safe.
  9. Sorry bro! I need to go to speck-savers, I miss read your post, you are correct, if it was one female drafted to a ship there would be a problem. And if that single person was female on an all-male crewed ship, then even as an NCO that accommodation would not be available, as even NCO’s accommodation has mutable bunks. A commissioned officers is slightly different but only if they are of senior rank, junior commissioned officers share a cabin, usually with one other officer, of the same rank. So even with commissioned officers you would need at least 2 of them.
  10. Just worked out what has caused this snow & cold weather we are having, it’s self-inflicted. It’s all down to this global warming rubbish, they have stuck all these horrible wind turbines all over the country, they are whizzing around sucking in all this cold air and snow from Russia. Still I suppose it gives people something to talk about.
  11. But that is the problem as pointed out by disgruntled2007, it is nothing to do with ability, it is all too do with quotas and diversity. I have a solution to this problem, we all know that men have crewed ships for hundreds of years without women, and there have never been a problem, so having women as part of the ships company has not necessarily made the ship any more efficient, and in my opinion has caused some problems. So DragonFly, to prove your point they should assign a ship to a crew of all females, (I would happily agree with that) and I am not talking about a minesweeper, but a destroyer or frigate, and then let’s see how they get on, if they can manage that then I will eat my words. But it will never happen, the reason women are on ships with men is they would not be able to totally man a warship, were men can.
  12. I am afraid you are not completely correct, in the case of an artificer, that person would be a Senior NCO (i.e. A Warrant Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Petty Officer,) on completion of the artificers course which is very much like an apprenticeship, unless the person is qualified before joining the Navy, that person would automatically be rated up to NCO rate. NCO’s are accommodated in the Seniors Rates Mess, (Warrant & CPO’s or Po’s Mess) which in the case of a female NCO would consist of all female NCO’s and not necessarily in the same trade. In the case of Junior Rates i.e. any member of the ships company under the rank of PO would be in junior ratings messes. The amount of accommodation require for the ships company is based on the number in the total crew and generally never changes, except in some sort of emergency, in which case camp beds could be put in the hanger for instance if it is a carrier, or in a passage way if it is a smaller ship, i.e. frigate. So I would suggest to you that if the female artificer was to be drafted to a ship it would be in replacement for another of the same rank and trade, who may possibly have had an accident etc; and had to be taken off. This would however create a problem if that artificer was a female replacing a male or male replacing a female. If women were not on ships this would not be a problem. As far as substituting en bloc, not really most members of the ships company are drafted to that ship for around 2 years, and tend to be substituted when their 2 years is up, so they are not all replaced all at once. The only time this would be done it if when a ship is first manned on its first commission, or probably if it has just come out of a major refit.
  13. As the above question has not been answered I shall I suppose have to answer it. The Royal Navy is an extremely officiant fighting force, and has been for a very long time, before the advent of having women on ships, so would putting them on board ship make that ship more efficient, the answer is resounding NO! So if this is the case the only conclusion is that it is more to do with political correctness, as there is no benefit to the efficient running and operational ability of the ship, (it’s like all women short lists in elections it’s not because the person concerned is better it is solely based on gender) and that is a stupid way to run anything, by just basing it on gender. So my answer honeybee13 to the question is no, they should not be on warships, and there is no benefit in doings so, how did the Navy cope for hundreds of years without them on board?
  14. Having women serve on war ships would not create a problem, with accommodation, what would happen is if you took 100 men off a destroyer for instance, the accommodation that they vacated would be allocated to the women, that would also include toilets (heads) and shower rooms. officers have their own toilets/showers separate from the rest of the ships company. So all you would be doing is substituting one for another.
  15. Just imagine what you could be accused of if you were walking down the road, and a young lady collapsed with cardiac arrest, and you give her CPR and mouth to mouth.
  16. So I got it wrong, but the fact that she left in 2012, does not alter the fact that she was a member of the Red Arrow's. and good for her. I have my own opinion on the subject of women on submarines, which I will cover a bit later, especially in relation to sleeping accommodation. Could I ask this question again:- should women be allowed to serve on warships?? and if so why?? as nobody seems to have answered it, other than honeybee, answering a question with a question, I would assume she thinks they should, if I am correct could you tell me why. The American Navy was one of the first to allow women on warships, I believe they are relooking at the situation, which this created, this may interest you, this information which relates to America was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigation Group., and it certainly puts an interesting slant on the subject. The problem which they have come up against is also increasing in the Royal Navy, SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER? to this problem, and how does it affect the operational ability of a warship? ]A record 16 out of 100 Navy women are reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. That number is up 2 percent from 2015, representing hundreds more who have to cut their deployments short, taxing both their unit’s manpower, military budgets and combat readiness. Further, such increases cast a shadow over the lofty gender integration goals set by former President Barack Obama. Overall, women unexpectedly leave their stations on Navy ships as much as 50% more frequently to return to land duty, according to documents obtained from the Navy. The statistics were compiled by the Navy Personnel Command at the request of TheDCNF, covering the period from January 2015 to September 2016. The evacuation of pregnant women is costly for the Navy. Jude Eden, a nationally known author about women in the military who served in 2004 as a Marine deployed to Iraq said a single transfer can cost the Navy up to $30,000 for each woman trained for a specific task, then evacuated from an active duty ship and sent to land. That figure translates into $115 million in expenses for 2016 alone. I would suspect this is still on going, even though this information relates to 2016. [/i]
  17. “I totally agree with your post ericsbrother” during the last war their were a number of women in the Special Operations Executive, I have every admiration for them, some gave their lives in horrific conditions and torture, I can honestly say they had more gusts than me, I don’t know if I would have had the guts to do what they did. However these women worked on their own, after being told what their mission was how they went about it was basically their decision, it did not normally involve another person, the buck stops with that person, I have no problem with that. There are a number of other instances of women, in positions in the Armed Forces were the decision which they make affects them only, for example, there is a female pilot in the Red Arrows, plus a number of other:- i)The number of female personnel designated as pilot and currently acting as such in the RAF; ii) The number of female personnel designated as pilot and currently acting as such in the Army; iii) The number of female personnel designated as pilot and currently acting as such in the Royal Navy; iv) The total number of female personnel designated as pilot in the RAF; v) The total number of female personnel designated as pilot in the Army; vi) The total number of female personnel designated as pilot in the Royal Navy. As I have said previously, I have no problem with, women per-say in the military, however I do have a problem with women serving on warships!
  18. How about we expand this discussion, the Bear Garden is a place for discussion, nobody has to agree with each other and some discussion can be contentious, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I will give my opinion in a later stage on this subject. As has been mentioned earlier at the start of this thread, the PC brigade are taking over this country, so every thing is up for grabs. My next question is should women be allowed to serve on war ships?? and if so why?? I reiterate I am all for the equal rights of women, if you do the same job you should both get the same pay and recognition, no question.
  19. I think your comments are all correct, in relation to is chivalry dead, I think it is and one of the reasons for this is that, we are all classed as the same there is no male/female (am I aloud to use those 2 words now I am going to use them anyway), and before any body jumps on me I can assure you that I am all for equality, if a woman does the same job as a man she should in my opinion be entitled to the same wage, no discrimination. How ever if we are all the same why should a man be expected to give up his seat to a woman on a train/bus, he has paid his fare just the same as she has and is entitled to a seat, why should he be expect in most case to pay for a meal when they go out on a date? In my opinion the problem as far as equality is concerned is that feminist seem to want equality when it suits them, and when it does not they then wish to be treated differently they can’t have it both ways, they either wish to be equal or not. In my opinion chivalry has been killed off by equality, so women have to learn to live without being treated as a lady, but it makes life easier for us men we don’t have to give are seat up.
  20. Sorry I did not get back sooner, to your replies but I had to go into hospital for a few days, any way enough of that. I totally agree with all the comments made, on this subject, but the word I think stands out the most is the word Sad, I think what is happening is very sad for society as a whole. About 4 years ago I happened to be walking to the shops from my house, one of the roads is on a gradient, when you reach the top of it there is a sharp bend, and any car coming around it does not have much time to stop if there is an obstruction in the road. This is what happened to me:- when I reached this bend I could not believe my eyes, in the middle of the road was a baby, about 12 months old, I nearly wet myself, I rushed into the middle of the road and grabbed her, just in time as a car did come around the bend. The gate to a house just were I found this baby was open and I assumed that the child came from that garden, even though all the doors were closed. The child was crying, I nocked on the door this woman answered, about 20ish, I won’t call her a lady, I was asking her if this was her child as I had found her crawling up the middle of the road just as a car came around the bend, she hurled the most fowl abuse at me grabbed the baby and slammed the door in my face. With the way things are today, this woman could have phoned the police and accused me of trying to abduct her child, how the hell would I have explained that to the police, it could have ruined me for life, even if I was found not guilty, you know what they say were theirs smoke theirs fire. Thinking back on that incident would I do it again, could I live with myself if I didn’t, yes I would do it again. But it makes you think. Very SAD.
  21. In a country were you cannot say anything in case somebody find it objectionable, or offensive. Is the age of chivalry dead? and if so what has killed it off?
  22. You are correct but that has got nothing to do with devaluation?? That's the exchange rate with other currencies.
  23. You said this I did not. which as far as I am concerned is an assertion so prove it. Why do you think Greece is in such a mess, it has not been able to devalue its currency because of the EU and the euro, the UK exchange rate with other countries has changed, but the pound has not been devalued only the Bank of England can do that.
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