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  1. HIS HEROES, would you trust him to run this country??? CORBYN ON THE IRA Asked on Ulster radio if he’d condemn the Irish terrorist group, Corbyn repeatedly avoided a direct answer—simply saying: ‘I condemn all bombing. It is not a good idea, and it is terrible what happened.’ He added: ‘Look, I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as other sides. What happened in Derry in 1972 [bloody Sunday] was pretty devastating.’ Corbyn had previously invited Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams to the Commons weeks after the IRA murdered five people in the Tory Conference bomb at Brighton. In 1987, he observed a minute’s silence for IRA men killed by the SAS. During the troubles between 1969 & 2001, an estimated 1,800 people—including women and children—are estimated to have been murdered by the IRA. ON HEZBOLLAH AND HAMAS ‘It will be my pleasure and honour to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. I’ve also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak. ‘The idea that [Hamas] should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the UK government is really a big, big historical mistake.’ Most governments regard the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, guilty of war crimes, torture, murder, abductions and deliberately targeting Israeli citizens. ON SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC (Yugoslav leader accused of genocide) Corbyn opposed military strikes against the brute’s attacks in Kosovo. In 2004, he signed a Commons motion praising Left-wing journalist John Pilger ‘on his expose’ of the fraudulent justification for intervening in a “genocide” that never really existed in Kosovo”. Milosevic was put on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for atrocities, including genocide and crime against humanity . ON HUGO CHAVEZ (Former socialist president of Venezuela) ‘Thanks, Hugo Chavez, for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world.’ The hard-line Marxist brought a rich oil economy to its knees—leaving his country a basket case, ravaged by poverty and inflation. ON CUBA He praised Marxist Fidel Castro’s ‘achievements’ in healthcare and education and ‘the esteem in which Castro is held. More than a million people fled the dictator’s regime while he enriched himself. PS After Lady Thatcher died, he said: ‘I don’t think we should be spending all this money on recalling Parliament and a quasi-state funeral.’
  2. Each Local Authority deals with cases differently. If they have already started investigating you for a fraudulent claim you could very well be asked to attend an IUC. If they haven't I wouldn't think they would go down the route of ICU. To put your mind at rest I would suggest that you contact your Housing Benefit Department and ask them these questions direct.
  3. As long as you have reported your change in circumstances now there shouldn't be a problem. However, you will be expected to pay back any overpayment that you have received. If you are still entitled to Housing Benefit on your current circumstances it is likely that any overpayment will be recovered out of any on going benefit. If your income is too high for you to qualify now the Housing Benefit Department should be able to discuss an arrangement with you.
  4. Hi ims21 have looked at everything I have but as you will understand it is a long time ago and any information I have is limited. I took out the first mortgage in June 1978, sold the property in October 1987, and transfered the mortgage to the second property, the same as the first with Halifax. The mortgage was an endowment mortgage, which I paid of as the amount of interest from the bank was a lot less than the interest I was paying the Halifax, so it seemed to be the best thing to do. I have a letter from the Halifax saying. We hereby give notice that we have no further interest in th under-mentioned policies in relation to the above numbered mortgage, it has a Roll Number at the top! I also have Acknowledgement of Notices, from the Assurance Company concerened. I also have from the Halifax Notice of Deposit of Assurance Policy. I also have a paper headed The Halifax Building Society-Mortgage Deed. THIS IS ALL THE PAPER WORK THAT I CAN FIND, WEATHER IT WILL BE ENOUGH I DON'T KNOW, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  5. Thanks for your replay ims21, I am going to have look to see what I can find, but I thiought I would ask the question first inrelation to a time limit rather than turn everything out for no purpose, thanks will let you know how I get on.
  6. Question? I had a morgage with Halifax. I completed the morgage in 2003, what I would like to know is how far back can you go to see if you are entitled to a refund of PPI, and how would I know if I had paid PPI. Thanks.
  7. I am looking for advice, I am going toMalta at the end of august for 3 weeks, my question is this, with Greece just aboutto fall out of the euro what is the best way to take spending money? We do not use credit cards/debit cards whenoverseas, so do we take travellers checks in euro’s/or euro’s/or sterlingtravellers checks, or just sterling. Idon’t know if I am on the right part of the forum to put this as a thread.
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