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  1. Hi Transient and everyone else Hope you've all had a good Christmas and New Years! Apologies for my lack of input for a long while now, I've moved house, split up with partner and had a lot going on all without a broadband connection! I've heard nothing more about when I should expect any kind of outcome from my appeal hearing. I've contacted the manager responsible mid December and he assured me that they were working as hard as possible to ensure it was thoroughly and quickly re-investigated. I'm currently working fitting windows with a friends father to tide me over and
  2. Hello A small update, I contacted the manager who held my hearing yesterday as its been a month since I've heard anything and he has apologised for the delay and informed me that the other manager who is re-investigaing is being very thorough and he is still waiting for their recommendations before proceeding to meet again and make a decision. So in all still no idea when I will hear anything and Im still not holding my hopes up of a positive result but fingers are still crossed
  3. Congratulations! Now to second what Emmzzi says . . . gotta make sure he knows where he stands now and that next time (i hope there will never be one) he is on his own! Well done though! x
  4. The fact that they have gone away to think about it is a slightly positive outlook, you said a decision had already been made but there has been some food for thought over what came of today if they have gone away to discuss and decide, Hopefully it will be a good outcome for you both
  5. Can you clarify the following . . . You had a ticket that covered you from A-C via B - where you just changing train at B or breaking your journey to do something? Your ticket covering A-B-C as you describe it, was it actually from point A-C on the ticket? Or did you have separate tickets to cover A-B then B-C? Your railcard was out of date, was this rail card used to cover the whole journey? You say your ticket was checked between A-B, did the person checking the ticket check your rail card? Im pretty sure that the fact you have appealed twice and that Revenue offic
  6. It would seem you have a lot in common with my mum, I don't blame you at all for wanting to go and help out as much as you can and admire you for standing your ground and going with him. Just don't let him sit back and get you to do all the work for him! I'm very keen to hear the outcome tomorrow and rooting for you both all the way
  7. You posted a while back that someone else had borrowed a machine and been caught on CCTV, did anything come of that?
  8. Hi Wiggles, Glad to hear he is trying to do something about this himself (even if brown tape was needed) On the decision side that will largely come from what happens during the appeal and if the manager holding it needs to refer for advice or investigate things further to make a decision. On the letter subject I would add that he is a long way through his apprenticeship now and wants to complete it and once qualified carry on in a role where he can use the skills he has learned etc, there was no intention to do any bad by the act he committed but was a silly in the moment thing to
  9. Hello To add to what Bandit127 has said, if you had queued at either the machines or ticket office you would have realised that you had forgotten your wallet too and could have made arrangements to get it before travelling and avoiding the whole situation. I think the other guys will be along to comment soon but I doubt that there is a lot you can do now about it. Maybe the more experienced guys can shed some light on it soon. Mark
  10. It sounds like you're gonna have to be tough and ride it out until the CCTV is reviewed. Keep your post updated though please, if you know you are innocent then the truth will out in the end
  11. Don't be nervy! You are being investigated for a very serious criminal offence and if you know you are innocent ask away for anything that will prove your innocence! You may feel it wrong for them to suspect you but in the real world anyone with access to that till has to be a suspect, unfortunately this will feel horrible until your innocence has been proven
  12. Hello I hope you can have the CCTV reviewed very soon and this will provide the answers to where the money has gone. You have said that you had processed a lot of transactions that day, do you recall perhaps any faults with the till? Its a very large amount of money to be missing and £760 in cash would be quite a lump for someone to have in a pocket or hidden away so there could have been a technical issue. If not down to a technical issue, It almost sounds like someone has taken a bundle of notes and at that value possibly the £10 or £20 (as said by altobelli it would be very n
  13. Evening Does sound a little unusual for it to have been dealt with in this way so far, is there anymore to the story? Usual thing to happen is spoken to under caution and the MG11 filled out and signed for by the RPO and passenger. Did all of that happen? And, Which TOC are you dealing with? Would be helpful if you can find out all the information and give a step by step account. I wouldn't pay anything until you have something in writing and at least a reference number for your case so that it can be traced and looked into in future if necessary.
  14. You've posted on the same thread again. Ill ask a site admin to create a new thread for you as you're posting on 9 month old thread
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