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  1. Thanks everyone. I just couldn't grasp a definitive answer as to my rights. As retailers seem to be particularly loathe to refund on PC, laptop etc. gear. Always getting the refer to manufacturer bs from staff, who are either ignorant of the law, or simply brainwashed by their employees own policy doctrine Thanks dx, probably should have started my own thread in the first place. Then if I don't post a conclusion everyone can give me a well deserved lambasting. LOL
  2. I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Argos at christmas which was faulty (not charging) straight away. They replaced it with a new laptop. However it has always been a bit flaky, sometimes seems dead. If you mess about with the battery it seems to temporarily fix it. I would like to get a refund though ideally as I am not impressed up to now & fear for future reliability. So any tips would be most appreciated.
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