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  1. I have a CCJ I need enforcing against a car garage I've come across this site: thesheriffsoffice.com Has anyone had any dealings with them? Are they reliable? Any others I should consider? I'm always wary of any site that advertises heavily / has good search engine optimisation!
  2. Yes they tried to defend. They attended court. It was awarded in my favour
  3. Was for just under £1200. Is it a warrant of execution I need?
  4. I will spare you the details of the case but in a nutshell: 2 weeks ago I took a car dealership to small claims court and won. They were ordered to pay within 14 days but have not. They applied for permission to appeal, which was denied. My question is - what do I do now? They are a profitable garage, with plenty of stock.
  5. It was an email from their sales manager (the one Jo sold me the car) From their business email address His director now says he didn't have the authority to make the authority to make the offer without seeing the wheel Now they say I caused the damage (I didn't) I've threatened court And sent LBA Just wondering what next What can / should I put on the claim with SMall claim court?
  6. yeah, basically it's £535 for the wheel, and £300 ish for the tyre! But i've spent HOURS on this, arguing with them, back-forth to garage etc... I'm wondering if I can claim for my time too? Perhaps rejecting the car for a "price reduction" of say £1200 would be more appropriate? Anyone got any experience of this?
  7. That's my thoughts exactly! I was so angry when I found out. They're trying to say it was me who damaged the wheel by driving it on a flat tyre... a) they're run flat tyres b) the flat tyre was caused by the shoddy weld breaking I mean... what would of happened if it had happened at any kind of speed! I should have done the lottery that night - this happened very close to my house, and i was able to 'limp' to a garage!
  8. I've had a lot of trouble with a car I bought In July 5 days after I bought it, the rear wheel failed, and I took it to a tyre garage thinking it was just a flat tyre. The garage showed me the damage - a cracked wheel. Not only that, the wheel was cracked through previous welds. I contacted the place i bought the car, who said (in writing) that they'd replace the wheel. The boss then retracted this, saying I drove the car on an underinflated tyre, causing the damage (I had the car 5 days, 400 miles.... so that's "incorrect" shall we say) Been arguing this with them for several weeks, they're refusing to help me. I told them that under the sale of goods act, they have an obligation to put it right. And that the burden of proof was reversed for 6 months - ie, it's up to them to prove the wheel wasn't like that when I was sold it (which it clearly was... i had the thing for 5 days!!) Anyway, I've had various experts look at the wheel, all of whom agree the weld was not satisfactory BMW even said they would NEVER weld repair a wheel. It now looks like it is going to go to court. I've sent an LBA to the garage, which has gone ignored. How much should I claim? Can I claim for time in dealing with this issue? Do I need a solicitor? Any advice you can give is greatly received.
  9. Cool. Drafted my LBA My home insurance has legal cover on it too, and they are advising me too. Have got a body shop to write a report saying that the wheel shouldn't have been repaired in the first place. Just waiting for another few alloy wheel repair specialists to give their opinion!
  10. Well, that's what I said! They didn't believe me the wheel was a write off (personally I would never repair a wheel or a tyre!) So had to "see" it before they acted (only said this AFTER offer of replacement was made) All the VOSA report says is that the wheel (now located in boot) was a failure. But yes, have everything in writing. and keeping everything noted! I have a feeling this may go to court
  11. Yeah... I only got VOSA involved due to the garage being unprofessional- Started worrying what else they'd been unprofessional about, and missed something on the MOT! They're telling me i didn't give them a fair chance to put it right: But he told me he wasn't available for 5 days! I had to do something?! I have legal cover on my home insurance so i'll see if they can help tomorrow. Will keep you updated
  12. I did this when they told me to send it back! (Via email) Luckily, I was able to borrow a wheel from someone at work who had one as he was getting his de-curbed That's my thought - irrelevant if he had the "authority" Majorly inconvenienced me by making himself unavailable to discuss for almost a week! Unfortunately, I paid for car on finance, which I withdrew from the day after (found a cheaper loan! unbelievable luck!) I'm so angry about this whole situation!! Under SOGA - the burden of proof is reversed- How would they go about proving it was fine when it left them - it states an MOT isn't sufficient? just trying to get an idea of how they might try and tell me it was fine??
  13. Bought car just over 3 weeks ago. Had brand new MOT (issued by garage) 49,000 miles, BMW 3 series. £21k 5 days, and 300 miles later after buying it, was driving home from work, when I thought I got a puncture (car shaking from rear wheel) Got it home, and looked at it - was definately a flat tyre. Car had run-flats, so took to tyre garage. When they took tyre off, they invited me to look at the wheel. It was completely cracked. Had been previously repaired (twice) - the cracks had gone through the existing welds! And 2 new cracks also! I rang the dealer I bought it from. Sales manager was very apologetic, assured me it would be put right. Told me to email photo of the wheel, which I duly did. Emailed me back, saying he was sourcing a wheel. Later that afternoon, he said his boss would not authorise it, and to send the wheel back via courier, and they would repair it. He was unavailable for another 5 days, however. This would mean my car off the road for at least that amount of time. I'm self employed, and require the car to get to work! So I said I couldn't do without car. No help offered. Secondly, I really wasn't comfortable with the wheel being repaired again... the repair (which i had no idea about) had failed - imagine if that had happened at speed! The tyre garage the car was at said that in their opinion, I should get VOSA to check it out, as the wheel looked like it had been damaged some time ago. I was obviously worried what other faults may be with the car, since the garage i bought it from put the MOT on the day before I collected. VOSA were arranged for the following week. They instructed me NOT to send the wheel back. Been arguing via email for almost 2 weeks, now they haven't responded for 10 days. Thankfully, VOSA found no other serious safety concerns with the car. A rep from the garage came to watch the re-inspection, and also to inspect the wheel. The dealer is now saying they won't replace the wheel, as I must have driven over a pot-hole causing the damage. Also, they say i obstructed them trying to repair it by getting VOSA involved. My primary concern was for my safety! I haven't hit any pot holes. I'm a careful driver. Never had any points on my license, and to be honest, feel well and truly stitched up. What do I do from here? I've spent so long dealing with this (emails, phone calls) and I now feel I should also be entitled to some kind of compensation as well as replacing my wheel.. I'm particularly annoyed they backed out of their original offer (in writing) of replacing the wheel! The director is saying he didn't have the authority to offer that... but he was perfectly allowed to sell me the car 5 days earlier?!
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