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  1. Good Morning ,Thank you for the quick reply's ,i will make a appointment with HR todayi will post the outcome of the meeting.
  2. Hello All , I have a problem at work with overtime payments This months wage,i have not been paid any overtime I have spoke to wages department.,who informed me that the Director has told her to not to pay overtime but to add hours worked to my holidays . Can he do this?? He did not speak to me about it No notice -nothing ! In the 3 years that i have worked here never had any problems . The Company is Global having sites all over the world ,and has a yearly -turnover of £200 Million ++ Thank you Evo123
  3. Hi antone, Thanks for quick reply,thanks to you all ,i will get all the paper work together ,go to TNG and see what they have to say on the matter ,see what paperwork i can get from then,then go to CAB in the morning. Job seekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill as introduced in the House of Commons on 14 March 2013. Is this the Court appeal ?Can they sanction ,even though my sanction were 8 months before the new rules came into effect? thanks evo
  4. Hello All, I have just received Two letters from JCP Informing me i have been Sanctioned for 26 weeks (10th Aug 2013 - 7 Feb 2014) They are saying i did not attend Work Program (TNG Avanta) on three Occasions: Fri 20/07/2012 Friday 03/08/2012 and Fri 10/08/2012 Quote " Without good reason for failing to do so.We previously told you that we would decide about this and inform you." I am sure i didn't receive any letters They carry on to say"We are sorry about how long it as taken to make a decision about your case.The delay is due to a recent Court of Appeal ruling about the Laws allowing us to impose Sanctions and stop benefit payments for not taking part in a relevant employment scheme.A new law has now been passed that allows us toi impose these Sanctions." Both letters are from JC+ , appeal form GL24, is not included with the letters.both letters are dated 9th August 2013 I received them on Friday 16th Aug 2013,so that's left me three weeks to appeal.What court appeal are they on about i have looked on net but nothing comes up. Any help ,info on this would be very much Appreciated. Thankyou. Evo
  5. hi Antone, Yes he as worked since he was 16 he is 41 now , upto 6 months ago the compay he worked for went bust. Thank you for the help i will tell him to call the Benefit Centre (not the Jobcentre) and to ask for a callback I will post the outcome of phone call soon as, thanks again. evo
  6. Sorry i don't know which he was getting, i know this was the first time he had claimed JSA , And that he received it for 6 months, before being stopped. He did not claim housing benifit (no mortgage) He did claim for council tax Thanks evo
  7. Hi yes he did ,after his advisor told him his benifit had been stopped his advisor said "i don't know anything about that" and that was it. this is why he wrote to them. thanks evo
  8. Hello All, First of all i would like to say what a brilliant site this is ,very informative and very helpfull,this is my first posting thank you. I am subbmitting this post on behalf of a friend hope it is ok to do that? my friend was in receipt of JSA ,when out of the blue,no warnings he received a letter from JC+ saying his JSA had been stopped,the reason give as "he had not paid enoughn NI ".Next day he went to Sign On , his advisor at JC+ Told him his benifit had been Stopped ,he ask him why and was told it was because, "He did'nt comply with compliance officer". He wrote a letter to JCP+ to ask for the reason in writing (because of the two conflicting reasons given) It as been 4 weeks and he as not received a reply,What is the next step ? Thank you Evo
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