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  1. lastminute.com website and its system has a serious flaw! yesterday 26.07.2012 at about 19:50 I booked a hotel on lastminute.com to arrive on 27.07.2012. so the check-in was for the next day for one night. after I made the payment, a confirmation was sent to me as usual. BUT on my confirmation the check-in date was 26.07.2012- surprisingly the day of transaction. I will explain why I wrote 'surprisingly' I immediately called their toll number, but their operation hours between 08:00 am to 20:00 am so I could not make any inquiries at that time. So , then I thought may be it was me who enter the dates wrong...but no no no! I figured out why my booking was made for 26.07.2012 instead of 27.07.2012. let me explain - if you can open a new tab on your observer and go to lastminute.com you will see there are empty boxes where you can specify the city you look for and check in date. please enter any date other than the date of today .. so if it is 27.07.2012 - say the check-in is on 28.07.2012. once you are ready hit Search . lastminute.com will now search and display hotel prices. BUT BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER - LOOK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE WHERE IT STATES YOUR SEARCH CRITERIA. YOU WILL SEE THAT YOUR CHECK-IN DATE IS NOW 27.07.2012. remember that you wanted hotels for check-in on 28.07.2012. !! so the website system is conditioned to display hotel prices for the day of the transaction , no matter you enter different check-in dates at the beginning. well, if you are carefull you can change the check-in date in the following steps, but what if you are in a hurry?? lastminute.com should state they are actually in BETA VERSION, STILL ! THAT IS WHAT COMPANIES DO WHEN THEIR SYSTEM DOES NOT OPERATE PROPERLY.
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