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  1. Hi, he put land deed in his name, that’s how he got round his mortgage, I have now found judges order where I purchased his share of the property from official receivers, who have also confirmed his interest was passed on to me. when he went bankrupt, I have seeked legal advise as he remortgaged house which he doesn’t own so 2 counts of fraud one with false information to land registry and obtaining a mortgage fraudulently by not declaring he went bankrupt and his share of property being passed onto me in court, I have found the judges order at court where it transferred to me.
  2. I was not named on original mortgage I had a declaration of trust drawn up by a solicitor, he went bankrupt I went to court as I had an interest in the property, the judge let me in court as I had a declaration of trust which then meant I could purchase his share of property from the official receivers, I found out recently from official receivers for my ex partner to have his share of property I have to sign it back to him. Which I haven't. When he remortgaged the money went into the property. I think what's happened is he put his name on land deeds and that's how he managed to remortgage the property. I have recently spoken to land registry who said as he went bankrupt and I purchased his share it should of gone in my name not his. I'm just not sure where I stand as I own his share. He cannot just take it back of me it has to be officially signed. Over by a solicitor. My ex partner wants me to sign over half the property back to him. I'm not sure if he's committed fraud as he's obtained mortgage fraud entry by not disclosing information about bankruptcy and his share of property being transferred to me at court .
  3. What happens if I don't sign over his share,
  4. I knew he remortgaged but wasn't aware that he hadn't told the solicitor he had gone bankrupt or that I purchased his share of property from the official receivers, he added his name on land registry after bankruptcy I found out recently from official receivers that it should of been in my name and that I have to go to solicitor and sign his half back to him which I have not done, the land registry has sent me papers to put property in my name.
  5. My partner went bankrupt I purchased his share of property from the official receivers, he then remortgaged the house, I have not signed back his share of property to him, can anyone advise what I can do.
  6. Partner works for crane company just been told one depo is being paid 10% pay rise just because it has another crane company near by. So crane drivers don't leave. crane depo partner works at getting 30 p extra an hour. Can they do this as partners crane company also has other crane companies near by.
  7. i have recieved a reply today stating they have spoken to baliff concerned and that as i spoke to baliff outside my premises and that i refused to allow them access to my property and this is why the levy notice was completed in the way it was. constants and companies actions were corect and legal. it then states however as you are making regular payments to us they have asked on this occassion that the debt be returned to council. the baliff didnt even ask to enter property only one baliff knocked on door other stayed at side of car.
  8. done what post3 stated also email to council baliff replied to email stating levy fee £56 walking possession £12 abortive removal fee £100.00 schedule 5 fee h £24.50 these fees are compliant with the council tax administration and enforsement 1992-regulation 45 (as amemded) and the agreed fee structure with fenland district council. the fees incurred were as a result of the baliff visit on 27th july 2012 at 9.26 am, unable to provide precise tim. both baliffs have currant certification 11th may 2011 and 8th dec 2011 certificate is renewed every 2 yrs email from team leader. fenland district council have acknowledged email which has been forwaded to recovery manager who will respond by 15th aug also have 3 counciler names attached to email
  9. I signed notice of seizure on the street as he sat in car done check on his name he does work for them. I owe £1119.25 this years council tax bill it now says I owe £1311.75 this is on their paperwork left today. But on my council tax bill original one it started at £1049.25. He stated I had to cancel direct debit to council if not I will be paying twice he had anouther man with him he didn't even give a name. He was the one who went off to shop up road
  10. fenland district council cambridgeshire, and baliffs are constant & co, 163 queensway bletchley, mk2 2dz
  11. i have been paying council tax £30 a wk to council then out the blue two baliffs turn up. he sat in his car to fill out forms, 1 was debit forn, other was notice of seizure of goods and inventry. the second baliff went to shops to buy drinks. i told him house and contents belong to official recievers as partner went bankrupt. and hasnt been signed off from bancrupsy, i now have a walking possession fee £12 vehicle fee £100 not sure what this is redemption fee £24.50 levy charge £56 the baliff didnt enter property but has written on form,( all detainable goods) in inventry also gold chain i was wearing at time. i now have to pay balifs £30 p wk instead of council i was told to cancel direct debits and pay them every wk instead. is this normal ?
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