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  1. Thanks everyone for input. No there was no original levy with repayment plan. I think it was just seen as a way of obtaining full payment including fees etc. I don't want to say too much more on here as it has become obvious bailiffs use this site as a matter of course. I am grateful for all comments though.
  2. Sorry, i hate, to be clear, I did have a repayment plan which fell over, so I have offered a new one only since arrival of clamp. The council will be unlikely to reply before september, on past experience.
  3. Brassnecked ...i have offered payment as separate to ongoing payments for this years tax hallowitch....no, the forn does not look like either of these youshow...no mention of keys or V5 Dont think auction would cover tax and fees as shown.
  4. yes, an old tax year. I understand this was the second visit, but my wife and I really do have no recollection or any paper showing a previous visit. I have proposed an arrangement with the council and made a first payment, have not had a reply yet. Liability order is for 500, car would be worth 2k if sold privately, may be 400 at auction. Bailiff asking for 1k. I do not use the car for work, though my wife often lifts me places as I have to travel.
  5. There is a paper saying 'bailiff removal' and quoting the case ref. Nothing to identify it as a form 7...though it could be. I cannot say the car is insured for my use only for business. Just to be clear, I did not choose not to pay, but have been hit by downturn along with other self-employed people. I did not want to get into excuses though, just looking for solutions. I guess from what you are sayng, the bailiff will not release the car on the basis of a two year repayment plan!
  6. There is a clamp on the car on my drive. The note on the windscreen says it is for non- payment of council tax. I have a liability order for some of last years tax. I have made a part payment to the council towards this liability order along with an offer of an affordable monthly payment. Don't want to include amounts on this site, suffice to say it will take a couple of years to repay the amount owing. Is there any way to legally get the bailiff to remove the clamp before two years? I had picked up some information with regards to filing a complaint at the court which issued the liability order to the effect that the debtor must have lawful use of goods levied and the clamp prevents this. Can anyone comment?
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