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  1. Sorry I really should have updated this about what happened. I ended up having to fill in an overseas assessment form. On the form I simply put the real date of leaving the UK in 2006 and provided all my payslips for 2013. Allowing them to continue an incorrect assumption and intentionally putting incorrect info on the form are quite different matters - so I decided to own up. They said nothing of it, assessed me based on recent earnings and as it happened I was put on a monthly repayment scheme of zero pounds per month.
  2. Greetings. I have a couple of questions and I would be very grateful if I could get some input. First of all, I have a new style loan which I took out when I started at university in 2000. Secondly, I'm not attempting to get out of paying it back. My situation: I've been out of the UK since mid 2006 and I didn't inform the SLC nor provide them with contact information. Naturally I haven't completed any overseas assessment in that time. I've (finally) attempted to resume contact with them and sent them updated contact information. In reply, they seem to have sent me what looks like a stadard letter saying: "You notified us that you left the UK on 25 June 2013 for more than 3 months etc. Please complete this overseas assessment form within 2 months etc." As I said above I actually left the UK long before then. They have taken the date of my most recent letter as the date which I left. On the form I have to say when I left. What will happen when I return the form with the my real date of leaving the UK, which was July 2006. Will there be some retroactive charges or something like that? I have full records of all earning since I've been here and I'm WELL under the repayment threshold. Would it be safe to... allow... them to continue their incorrect assumption regarding the date I left and just give them my last 3 pay slips? As I said I'm not trying to get out of paying back this loan. I'm trying to make things right. But I don't want to incur any wrath that I needn't. Many thanks in advance for any advice or information anyone can give me.
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