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  1. Can anyone confirm the days are calender or working days for their reply
  2. Cheers dave, Just as I thought needed reassurance. All updated and ready to post in the morning.
  3. Following a previous sucsessful claim with LloydsTSB on bank charges I decided to claim back my Lloyds TSB credit card. The thing is I previously sent the request for payment of charges letter back in August 2006 and never followed it up. I received a standard reply but they also mentioned If they dont hear from me by October 2006 the file would be closed. Since this a couple of more charges have been applied. I request direction, personally I think I should start again with the request for payment of charges. Does anyone think I should just go in with the letter before action. Many thanks Bri
  4. YIPEEE I'm a winner Just checked my account and its a been credited to me. Not that I end up with a lot but its got rid of my overdrafts. Now to claim back the charges that have been applied to my account since starting procedings in May. Any thoughts on how to approach this was thinking about writing to lloyds and ask for them back as they settled previous we dont want to go down the court process and it would save them the court fees and the 8% interest. Have informed MJANET to have my thread changed to WINNER
  5. Still heard nothing and nothing into my account since SC&M told me lloyds were going to settle the claim yesterday morning. you'd think waiting a few days wouldn't be an issue seeing as i have been persueing this since may 06. Just would like to know when this will happen and how much so if need be I can still prepare in full for the 18th just worried this may be another stalling tactic so I go to court not fully prepared What are your thoughts on giving SC&M another call or is it out of their hands now:(
  6. Andy, did they write to you with a settlement. if so when did you get it and when was your court date
  7. well done just hanging in there got you your rewards. How did you find they were going to settle or did you just notice it in your bank
  8. Katie just been looking for you have a look at this link think this is what you require.http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/22693-andy-ross-lloyds-4.html#post442294
  9. they have not meet the court order so it is them in the wrong there are letters around to send to the court and info SC&M that they have failed to meet the court order and the ask for the defence to be struck out. I would personally call and inform them this if you get no joy send the letter
  10. Hi I never received either and you probably never will you can apply to the court to have the case struck out. but I called SC&M to ensure they had received mine and enquired about if I would receive the documents. Initally they informed me that they hadn't received instruction from there client. I then called today and asked if they had received instuctions from there clients after waiting I was told they had settled. Still waiting for the money but looks like everything is sorted. Maybe worth a quick call
  11. Just winning the battle is great and for people who are worried, so was I but stick with it and follow the advice around this forum and we will win the WAR together. Thanks Barty once I have the funds in my account I will inform mjanets then I can continue to re-apply for further charges applied to my account since starting the claim. Any advice as now they have settled once I hope it will be a case of writing to them and then having them refund the charges. touch wood.
  12. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the bundle to get everything spot on. Gives a good impression when its well presented. All the best.
  13. Did you call SC&M in the end or did you just notice the money in your account. I spoke to SC&M today and they said Lloyds have settled but still waiting for them to credit my account before I can scream for joy. Well done though your persistance definatly deserves it
  14. I asked earlier if anyone knew how long it takes to get the money. Maybe a thick question but how do you want me to contact you on this thread or by a message.
  15. Dont give up PLEASE you are nearly there. I would of loved to go to court I wrote notes and came up with loads of points about my case and how SC&M have repeatable missed deadlines. Did you file the bundle, thats what I used to speak to someone stating I was enquiring if they had received my bundle and if I was to expect anything from them. I was initially told they hadn't received direction so I then called today to see if they had been given direction and was I going to receive any documents 10 minutes later they settled
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