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  1. Thanks for your response. My main concern is that they are happy to look at the case however they have asked me to send in the origianl or photo copy of the agreement forms which I can do. I cant however send them any bank statements they require as I dont have these. From what I understood from my call, without the bank statements there is little they ca do in terms of refund. Is this a fob off or should my agreement forms be enough. I will request a SAR in the meantime
  2. Thanks for your response and re directing to the correct forum. Still waiting for some advice but hopefully will get omething soon
  3. Hi All I am new to PPI claims and would like some advise if possible. I have discovered through looking back over old paperwork I have paid PPI insurance on a Beneficial Bank loan I had back in 1998 which I never agreed to. I was told I had to take out this insurance in order to get the loan. I was working FT and had no requirement for this Loan was approx £1500 PPI charge was approx £395 I have today rang through to HFC bank 0845 6023793 who advised me that they have no record of my account and that I would need write to their complaints department proving that I have p
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