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  1. this samsung is apparently the best out their for quality wise part from the panasonic one that was 300 more..... But i find the 2D to 3D conversation not very noticable, and everytime ive used it its given me bad headaches and sore eyes, might have something to do with changing the settings to it now and then, my last one was passive but i only ever bought two 3D movies with it and watched them, so i wouldn't know how id feel if this one was a passive tv.... AHHH, dilemma!! Feel like a wrongun taking the TV back to be swapped but end of the day if its not what was expected and w
  2. No not answers or anything, just there giving me 849 cash value , got a new Samsung 46 3D TV that i was hustled into getting when i had my heart set on a LG 42 for the same price.. he persuaded me active alot better :/ and to get a £279 surround sound system with a 100 knocked off HAHA. so went for it. Says it has built in freeview yet that dosent work need to get it sorted.. This time... it was brought over in a trolley, my face lit up.. they did all the work put it in my car the lot and i got some friends to help with the rest.
  3. Just letting all you guys know... sent that letter off the other day, n recieved a letter from currys today saying their replacing my televsion, need to go down today and get one, they have given me a much higher value than i paid for mine, so big bonus... So Gary Perryment must of sorted it n just didnt bother getting in touch again as its 30 days since contacting him again. They also said my knowhow has been canceled... so i hope i can re open it with my new television and be more careful.
  4. I sent that letter i done the other day, give them 7 days.. see what they respond with, then letter of action getting sent, so will prepare that tomorrow or tuesday, then will take them too court. How much will it cost for me at first and what can it go up too, if i lose its all out my pocket isn't it?
  5. Was sent about 25 days ago.. there was no reason why it been rejected or a explanation.. basically just said, sorry to say your claim is rejected, Gary Perryment. END OF. plus why im angry about it is.. i was led into believing it would still have been resolved... The guy i reported it too said its still fine, called into currys twice, spoke to knowhow team they said its fine... Make enquiries on the phone and they said im covered etc, the private investigator said that wasnt a big deal at all, my first claim etc should pull through and win... and was like not to worry about it
  6. They were no trolleys or nothing no, they expected me to get it to take to the till which i did do, they seen i was able to do so and said it will be no problem, i also asked if it was hard to set up etc, he said easy to do myself... does not state on the box has to be carried by two people. With my stair ways being thin and steep steps it would of been harder two of us doing it. If they never indicated it was fine for me to take it myself, set it up myself, it shouldn't be an issue if it was damaged through mishaps carrying it myself. They pestered me getting this extra insurance which im sti
  7. well i prepared the next letter i am sending... which ill send to currys it isnt a LBA letter but should i state on the bottom of it if nothing is resolved from this letter my next steps will be a letter before action and ill take them to court or something.. sorry but im so stupid when it comes to stuff like this.
  8. Who do i write the LBA too..... theres currys, theres whatever happens, theres Gary Perryment....... i wrote a letter out already basically demanding answers and evidence and about the agreement etc....which i was going to send too Whatever happens!! Gary clearly not messaging back its 24th day now!!
  9. kinda!! But when i got the TV when it was in the box, they let me carry it from one end of currys to the other, as im a big built person they didnt have any questions or concerns me doing this alone. With the television being out of the box, no stand on etc, its not heavy and plus with how my stair way is it was easier for one person to do it, if their was 2 people the trip would of still happened.
  10. 42 inch 3D Toshiba LCD. Carrying it up the stairs and tripped going around the bend on the 2nd floor and there a hallway table that it fell onto and crack the screen, spoke to currys the shop and they said its covered etc have nothing to worry about etc :/
  11. I have accidentally damaged my TV after having it for around 10 months... i am paying extra KNOWHOW insurance monthly and was told it was covered for all accidental damages etc, it was broken on the stairs once i brought it home from university!! I sent it off to be repaired and was notified by voice mail my television hasn't been repaired and needs re-collecting. I wrote this letter: I am writing this letter as my television was sent back from PC world without being repaired or any other actions being offered; I was notified by voicemail to write a letter with more information on how the
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