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  1. Thank you for that, it doesn't look too promising for a refund for them then, but maybe this will have to be an expensive lesson learnt for him. Thank you x
  2. Hi, My very naive 23yr old son in law took out a loan for £1000 then paid, via his Barclays Visa debit card, for a holiday for him and my daughter to Egypt in February as a surprise. He genuinely didn't realise he needed travel insurance. he booked it all online with onthebeach.co.uk. Since booking this my daughter has found out she is pregnant and was told by the GP that she will not be able to have all the necessary vaccinations to cover herself in Egypt because of the pregnancy, this made them decide not to go. But..... obviously not having travel insurance I am not sure if there is any possible way of retrieving this money as it is over £900..! I have rung onthebeach.co.uk today and they very kindly refunded the cost but cannot refund the flights which are £603.00. I have rung Monarch but they are not in until Monday, so I have written them an email in the hope I will get it for him. Whats the chances of getting a refund for the flights in reality? Thank you for your help. Jennifer
  3. Morning everyone, Just thought I would update you all by letting you know that Ive not received anything from Bannatynes since December. I am quietly hoping they are not pursuing this any further, but another part of me is thinking - maybe a court letter will come through my door at any point Jen xx
  4. Brilliant, thank you Slick, you are such a good help in this. I sent that reply 1st class recorded yesterday x
  5. Morning everyone, I received another letter yesterday from Bannatynes saying that: Further to the recent "Notice Of Intention To Issue A County Court Claim" sent in relation to an outstanding balance held agaist your membership, as no payment has been received to settle the account we write to advise that our Courts Department may now seek to recover the balance through the County Court. We would prefer to resolve this matter prior to any further action being taken. Currently a balance of £435.00 (husbands letter says £653.27) is held outstanding against your membership. As a gesture of goodwill, we will offer a 20% discount reduction on this balance providing this is received in full in 14 days of this letter. As you know, I am not going to pay this due to the fact I strongly feel we were missold this, so shall I reply to this? Thank you Jen xx
  6. .....Oh, maybe not then. It doesnt look as if Mr D is a very sympathetic man then so I wont bother wasting my time writing a letter directly to him. I will just wait and see if I do infact receive a court letter and if so, I would be really grateful if you could help me out with the defence Thank you xx
  7. Hi, yes this is a "Letter Before Action" letter. I will follow it to court, I will be scared but its got to be done, Im not going to give in and pay this money. Thank you x
  8. Well, here I am again..... Bannatynes still wont give up on this one, me and hubby have both received a "pre-court letter demanding payment within 7days due to us breaching the contract", if it is not receieved then court proceedings will begin. Do I respond to this? Thank you x
  9. Hi, Bannatynes are still keeping up the fight and have responded to my last letter with: As previously advised we have answered the points raised and can find no evidence that your memberships were miss sold in anyway. Despite your contractual responsibilities you refuse payment and therefore we will continue our collection process as normal. your account details have now been passed to our Legal Department in order for the outstanding contractual fees to be pursued further. Do I now ignore this and await a letter from the collections dept? Also, all correspondence has been sent to OFT as advised Jennifer x
  10. Hi, yes please, I would like the contact details please so I can let them know how Bannatynes are treating people. Thank you x
  11. Good Morning, well, Bannatynes are still keeping up the fight. In reponse to the letter I sent the other day (the one I copied and pasted) I have now received a response already saying: As you are aware, the contract is signed to say that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions set within which states that membership is for a minimum of 12months with all monthly subscription fees being due irrespective of use or change to personal circumstances, the reamining period of which you have been invoiced, as per @Section 5, Paragraph (b). Then they state that I owe £435.00 and my husband owes £653.27 (my husband and son on joint membership and this is the reason this amount is higher) both payable in the next 14days in order to prevent further action being taken. Please help as I dont know how to make them understand that I am not willing to pay for a gym that didnt provide the services promised? Thank you xx
  12. Thank you SO much, that is so professional, i am really grateful for your help and will send that exact letter today recorded delivery. And yes, of course I will let you know what happens next x
  13. Hello, Well, I was hoping not to have to retrun here but unfortuntely Bannatynes have sent us invoices for the total amounts payable for the year, despite all my letters explaining I feel we were mis sold the memberships. So can I please ask what I should do now? I am not willing to pay and really thought they had accepted this as Ive not heard from them for ages, but obviously not Thank you for your help Jen xx
  14. Hi, Hope you dont mind me returning for some more of your valuable advice? Since writing to you last I have had another 2 letters from Bannatynes adamant that they dont feel any mis-selling is taking place and for that reason they want their money (as we now owe Augusts payment as direct debit was cancelled). I wrote back basically saying that I felt we would have to "agree to diagree" at this point but that I know what we were told before joining etc etc. So Im just wondering what I do now to be honest, if they do send me invoices for the total amount what do i do? Do I respond with another letter or just not pay them? Thank you x
  15. I want out to be honest, I cant see how we will ever get to use the gym and would never have joined if we had been told the truth in the beginning xx
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