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  1. Hi All, Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions. they have been very helpful. As it stands at the moment most of the debt is in my MIL's name and they were unsecured as well. so hopefully most of the debt would be written off. I have one last question How soon should we start paperwork with our solicitor?, Should we wait until funeral is completed or should we inform creditors now and start proceeding.
  2. House is in joint name. At the moment not sure if all debts are in joint or just in my mother in law's name.
  3. Hi, Thanks for all your replies. Our main concern at the moment is the family house, there is no mortgage on the house and we are afraid that creditors might force my father in law to sell the house in order to pay off my mother in law's debts. A friend of mine suggested to obtain credit report, but i am not sure if you can access credit report for a person who died?? And my mother in Law did not leave a will behind, does that make any difference. Thanks
  4. Hi, My mother in law past away yesterday. After her death my wife came to know that her mother was in debt. some thing she never discussed with my wife. Now we are concerned about her debt and the effect it will have on my father in law. As my mother in law always dealt with all money related issues, my father in law is not sure exactly how much debt she was in and with whom. Our biggest concern at this moment his there house. Both my parents in law were pensioners. I wonder if some one could guide me where should i start first, will my father in law will be liable for his wife's
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