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  1. Thanks for the direction. I have basically been thinking that we have to suck it up and hope for the best, continuing to pay rent. Luckily me new house is beautiful and I have some money saved & no other massive financial obligations. This might have to be a lesson learned for the future.
  2. Hi. This is probably discussed a lot so I will be brief. We informed our landlord (via agent who has handled all of this) that we wished to leave our (fixed term, no break clause) contract early on the 25th of May. We stated our wish to move out on the 2nd of August and this was agreed to by both parties on the condition a new tenant was found. In the meantime, assuming that 2+ months would be a long enough time to find a new tenant, I and other tenants have found new places to live and entered agreements. The 2nd of August is fast approaching (just over a week away), however, and th
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