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  1. can someone advice on below please, is this the right forum for these kind of questions? can someone advice please, is this the right forum for these kind of questions?
  2. So you cannot pay a magistrate court fine even if distress warrant has not been issued? Its not clear if there is a fine, there was an driving incident, 6 months passed and nothing happened (no letters etc) and then moved home, just worrying if something happened after the move, so want to call court and check if any unpaid fine is there. can you advice how should I proceed in this case? should I assume everything is fine until some bailiff contacts? or contact court ( where incident happened, area of residence was also same ) now and check if there is anything to pay, and make sta
  3. Hi, If someone has been awarded fine in a magistrate court, which the offender didn't knew before, can offender pay the fine late after discovering it ( after like 2 years late). In this case no bailiff has been assigned yet. Or the only way is to wait for bailiff (which would ask for additional costs also)? After how much time (in months/years)(on the average) the bailiff/enforcement officer comes to collect fine and also take his charges? Does Magistrate court always uses bailiffs or are there other ways to collect a fine?
  4. I will check in the counties I have lived ( just 3 ). I have a doubt on a situation involving driving a car, and after 5-6 months of that I moved on and sold the car before moving. Can you advise if statutory decl can be made upon finding a conviction ( not known previously to you). Thanks
  5. I have recently started to develop a doubt that some court might have issued me a fine in my absence ( as I have not lived at one address in U.K). Now I want to check that by visiting/contacting court, If there is some real fine against me which is discovered when I contact them, can 'statutory declaration' be made in this case? Or can statutory declaration be only made if someone tells you (like bailiff or court) to pay your fine rather then you found out yourself? Please advice.
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