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  1. Thanks for your replies, yes he is working more than 24 hours, he works a full time working week (approx 37.5 hours p/w) but he cannot support us both on minimum wage. We have made the council aware that I am living in the property, I am assuming that soon he will no longer receive the single person discount and will have to pay for both of us. He is 37. I can ask him about WTC, I'm sure he will apply for it but depending on how long it will take, we'll still be struggling until it is sorted out.
  2. Hi, no he isn't. He's never needed to as he's always had enough money to support himself and didn't want to claim benefits when he doesn't need to.
  3. Hi,No I haven't as I was told I would be ineligible for both as I am not on a tenancy agreement for the property I am sharing with my partner as it is his house and I have moved in, and that as I have only just moved in I am not eligible for council tax benefits as he is still registered as a single occupant and gets a discount, despite the fact that I am now registered on the electoral roll etc at this property.
  4. Hi All, This is going to be really long and I apologise, it's my first post on these boards so I hope I have posted in the right area, I just don't know what to do anymore and am hoping someone will be able to help me.I am 24 years old and was at University, studying to be a Nurse, as such I was entitled to an NHS Bursary of £500 per month which I received on the third Friday of every month. Due to failings on the part of my University I have failed the course and as such been asked to leave the University, so on the day that I knew I was being asked to leave University I put in a claim, over
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