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  1. There was a free standing bread stand with bread tongs sticking out of it. The tongs had a slightly rough edge and a metal ring on it which was sticking out towards people walking past. As I passed it I was aware of my coat catching on it and ripping. I think it must have caught on the metal ring. I have noticed that in other branches of Lidl, these tongs are facing in towards the display stands rather than out towards the public. I suppose you could say however that it wasn't exactly dangerous but it did rip my coat. I still haven't heard back from Lidl so I'm not sure how they will res
  2. I received a claim form from the council which I filled in, noting the cost of the repair to the existing wheels and the subsequent replacement wheels. I have now received a letter from the Council's claim adjuster asking me to tell them the age of the tyres damaged, how many miles they had covered and receipts for their purchase. I am sure they are doing this to try to pay out less than the full cost of the repair, and also this information was not asked for on the claim form. I actually can't remember how old the tyres were but I know that I probably haven't covered that many miles as I o
  3. Many thanks for this. I will send the letter off tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  4. Thanks all. Any ideas on how to word my letter to them? Cheers
  5. Hi I have now received a letter from Lidl saying that they do not accept liability or negligence but are prepared to pay me the sum of £49.99 as an ex gratia payment and if I accept that, they will not return the coat. However I had told them in my first letter that the coat would cost £65 to replace and I had asked to be reimbursed for that amount as the coat was only a couple of months old and was in excellent condition. Can you advise me as to how to go about replying to Lidl to ask for them to pay me the full amount of £65. Many thanks
  6. Thanks all for your comments. The garage have told me that they cannot get new tyres for me until 17th January so have advised me to write to the council and tell them that I will be making a claim after that date for the cost of the repairs to my existing wheel to make the car temporarily roadworthy and then the cost of the new wheels. I will send the letter off tomorrow. Cheers
  7. Many thanks. I will let you know how I get on.
  8. Many thanks. The situation is that on 23rd December I hit several large potholes in a line on a local country road. As it was dark, I did not see the potholes asI approached them. A little way ahead a number of cars had stopped after going over the holes including an unmarked police car, leading to an incident report being made by the police. I have a note of the incident report number. As far as I am aware the potholes were reported to the council by the police at about the same time as I ran over them. The council did come out immediately to repair them so that by the next day when I w
  9. Hi Can you advise which sub forum to post an issue I have re trying to claim compensation from the council due to damage to my car caused by potholes in the road. Many thanks
  10. Many thanks for your help. I took photos of the coat today and then I took the coat and the letter into Lidl along with a receipt which the manager has signed. The receipt is one I wrote myself which confirms that the manager (named) has taken receipt of the coat and the letter and that it was their suggestion to send the coat to head office after seeing the damage. I was told that due to the holidays, it might be a couple of weeks before I hear anything. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for this advice. I will do.
  12. Many thanks for this. I have written a letter and will take it in to Lidl tomorrow.
  13. Hi Many thanks for your reply. It would be really helpful to get help to draft a letter. I will find out the managers name and see if I can get the receipt. All the best Gwen
  14. I was in Lidl today and as I walked past a free standing display, I brushed past a piece of metal on the stand, which caught my coat and ripped it. I asked the manager for compensation and he told me I had to write a letter to Lidl head office and take it in to the shop with the coat and both would be sent away to their head office to make a claim. The coat was expensive and was in good condition (hardly worn). The rip is not very big but it has ruined the coat. Can you give me any advice as to how to word the letter. I really want them to give me the total cost of the coat a
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